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Best footballer in the Barclay's Premier League? (Striker)

Updated on May 6, 2013

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Hi guys, Mr Awbery here bringing you an article on my opinions on the best striker in the Premier league. In this list, i will provide you with five names who i believe are in contention to be classed as the best strikers in the league. Now, i know there are the obvious shoutsof Van Persie, or Rooney, or Aguero, the supposéd cream of the crop, playing for the teams at the top of the league. Certainly, they deserve a chance to be crowned the Premier leagues top striker thus far in the season. However, I would like to bring you other, less celebrated strikers, who i certainly believe are in contention. This article comes after the 17th match day in the league, and if it is well received, I will certainly write one later in the season, probably doing comparisons between the players, who have continued their form yada yada yada.

Just a quick note- Included next to each player is a video, if you have the time, watch them and decide for yourself!

Statistics don't lie!

Miguel Pérez Cuesta

Ok, so many of you football fans will not know this name, it is hardly a name you can scream at the television as he rips a volley from thirty yards. It is probably better if i refer to him as his well known abbreviation. Michu.

This Centre Attacking Midfielder / Striker has rocked the Premier league with his form, and personally I believe has had an amazing season. Michu has now netted twelve times in the league, in just 17 appearances, and is statistically the best performing striker in the league. Many foreign strikers claim that they find it difficult to adjust to the English game, and use this as a reason for their lack of form, but Michu has blown that right out of the water. At 6'1 inches tall, he provides Swansea with the aerial threat that players such as Routledge and Dyer just cannot. Furthermore, he was acquired for just £2 million, which pales in comparison to the next man on the goal scoring tally, Robin Van Persie, who United purchased i(n Swansea's eyes) at wallet destroying cost of £24 million. Michu cost exactly 12 times less that Van Persie, and has been slotting in goals just as frequently. He is proving that you don't have to play for the top clubs, to sit atop the goals tally. The Spaniard is without doubt enjoying his best run of form in his career, and is obviously relishing the chance to play as a lone striker. He has bagged almost as many goals as he did throughout his 103 match career at Celta (15 goals) and there is no reason why he should stop.

The man scored on his debut against QPR, hitting the target twice and assisting in a 5-0 demolition, which showed a sign of things to come. However, his goals have not just come against 'weaker' opponents, he has also netted twice against Arsenal, in the 2-0 win at the Emirates , and hitting one against Newcastle, in which Swansea recorded their first away win of the league. Swansea now find themselves placed tenth in the league, after two bad results against Norwich and Tottenham, but sitting tenth will please Michael Laudrup, added to the fact that Swansea also find themselves in the Semi-Final , creating a definite prospect of silverware this season.

Finally, the next goalscorer for Swansea on this list? Wayne Routledge, sitting at four... This is in no way a disrespect of his performances, but just shows how important Michu has been, and will be to the Swans chances in the league. I personally believe they need to keep this man protected, and hope that he doesn't suffer an injury, because their goal scoring ability will certainly take a hit.

Suarez - One man team?

Now, I do not wish to cause offense to any Liverpool fans out there, but you have to look statistically when i call Luis Suarez a one man team. On the goals tally, he has currently reached 9 (in the league) a respectable number of goals for a striker after 17 games. However, when you search for a Liverpool player after him, you have to fall very very very far down to discover where they are. The next on the list is the Liverpool legend, Steven Gerrard, who has scored two goals this season. This is obviously the explanation of the poor run of form which Liverpool have experienced, and the club which has been a big player in the league in previous seasons, find themselves in 12th place. Suarez is obviously going to be key in the changing of luck for Liverpool, and he has to keep scoring goals to provide the threat that Liverpool are so clearly lacking.

Now, many of you (including myself) look upon the Uruguayian (Yes, the most difficult nationality in the English dictionary to spell) with distaste, due to his antics in the previous seasons, notably his deliberate handball against Ghana in the world cup, and the racism incident with Patrice Evra, in which he was banned for eight games. However, i believe Suarez is now on the straight and narrow, and i have seen no controversy from the Liverpool striker (correct me if I am wrong). The ability for a player to avoid bad press, especially if you have had it previously, is something which some footballers find very difficult (MARIO!) and i believe Suarez deserves praise for staying under the radar.

He has been the only attacking threat in an underpowered Liverpool side, and provides them with the one bit of flair that is still within the squad. He has constantly proved that he can score goals, from his breakthrough with Ajax, in which he scored an impressive 81 goals in 110 games, and continued this run into liverpool. I believe if Suarez had a supporting striker, he would be able to score, and assist at a much higher rate, and Liverpool need to dip into the market in January if you ask me.

His ability to sniff out chances has been exhilerating to watch in his career, and the runs in which he undertakes when his team have lost their way is inspiring. Marred somewhat by controversy, i still believe Suarez is a top striker, a deserves to be considered in the best striker in the Premier league.

Demba Ba - Philosopher?

Before i kick off with this exerpt, i would just like to bring you a quote from the man himself, which had me feeling like Ba is a little bit of a humorous Philosopher.

"That's my objective, Europe. I like it. I sleep with it, I wake up with it every morning"

Now, I know that many of you noticed the goal scoring of Demba Ba, and his team-mate and fellow countryman Papisse Cisse last season, but Ba is actually second in the goal scoring list this far into the season, sitting on a respectable 10 goals in the league.

I have always had a huge respect for Demba Ba, due to his powerful playing ability, and obvious goal scoring prowess. Being taken on by Newcastle after West Ham United were relegated (on a free transfer may I add) Ba has been a consistent goal scorer for Newcastle, and a man in which they have come to rely on time and time again. Even more repsectable is the fact he sacrficed his own Strikers role to support his Senegalise compatriat, Cisse, upon his move to Newcastle, and Ba began playing in a three pronged strike partnership. This certainly reduced the chances which the Senegalian received, but it was this sacrifice which allowed Papisse to go on a scintilating run of form , and helped Newcastle to finish fifth in the league, notably above Chelsea and Liverpool.

However, that is the previous season, and has no baring at all upon my decision (I promise)... This season Ba has rediscovered his goal scoring ability, and they have come in the right moments. He has scored two braces against Everton and Reading , in which he was the only goal scorer for Newcastle, which saved the club from the embarassment of losing to both of these teams. Each result ended 2-2, proving that he will be crucial for Newcastle to retain points. Once again, look down the list of players, and the next highest goalscorer for Newcastle is the young Frenchman Hatem Ben Arfa, on 3 goals. This is the issue for teams like the Magpies, and the Swans mentioned earlier. They only ever seem to have one goalscoring threat at a time, whereas teams like United and City have three or four in the top twenty. Nonetheless, this subtracts nothing from the Senegalise man in question, and I believe he at least deserves to be in contention with the rest.

His goals scored have been terrific, as well as timely. I know goals only count as one, but you have to respect the goals which he has scored this season, with a fantastic volley against Tottenham, and another against Reading. A quality striker, deserving of his place in my 5 players.

Fellaini - Afro Maestro

The fourth member of my list of players in contention for the Premier Leagues best striker this season is Marouane Fellaini. He is easily identifiable, flaunting a giant Afro atop his 6'4 inch frame. He has really come into his own this season, after he spent much of last season injured. His ability to control the aerial battles on the park make him a very classy player indeed, he always seems able to bring the ball down, with either his chest, knee or foot, even when being tightly marked. He has made a strange transition from Centre Defensive midfield, to Centre Forward, but it is his aerial presence that has instigated this.

Unfortunately, Fellaini has shrouded himself in controversy, after headbutting Shawcross during the Stoke vs Everton game. I personally hope that he has learnt from this, serves his ban, and comes back in the same form he has been playing with, as it will make a very interesting Everton squad indeed. Aged 25, he still has a long road ahead of him , but he is playing with passion, and scoring goals regularly. He has scored eight times in seventeen league appearances, but this is not one of the reasons he is involved in this list. His set up play is phenomenal, and the flick ons, and knock ons he can produce due to his aerial ability really assist other players in getting forwards, and either scoring goals, or setting Fellaini up himself. With his striker partner Jelavic on six goals, Naismith on three, and both Anichebe and Baines on two each, you can tell that the goals are spread out amongst several players, and this is down to Fellaini setting up his team mates.

However, it is not only his aerial ability that makes Fellaini a contender. Due to his experience as a CDM, he has the eye for a pass, and is a constant hard worker, providing that Tevez-esque industry, keeping the pressure on his opponents. He also has good dribbling and ball control, creating him in an almost complete forward kind of role. His versatility means that he roams the pitch in the final third, both providing assists and goals for everton. A quality player, and well deserving a place in this list.

The last man I will mention is Robin Van Persie. I know at the top of the list i said it was about different players in contention, but the problem is Van Persie is the joint top scorer in the league, and he therefore deserves to be mentioned. Moving from Arsenal to Manchester United this season, The dutchman has continued his amazing form , and has already netted twelve times in seventeen games. His ability to be in the right place in the right time is one which can not be taught, and time and time again he finds himself in the perfect place to score a goal. These goals may not look fantastic, but it is the repetition and consistency of his goal scoring which earns him a place in this list. He has scored beautiful goals in his time, but mostly he is known for his poacher like qualities, and this, alongside Rooney's new Centre attacking midfield role, creates a very potent combination up front.

The problem people have with Van Persie, is the fact Manchester United paid £24 million to acquire an already in form striker, and that annoys some fans (mainly Arsenal ones, i must admit). However, he would have been in this goalscoring form regardless of the club he plays for, and this shows true quality. Some strikers in the world can be questioned on their greatness, as they have only ever played for one club, and it could be the team, not the player who is great. However, the 29 year old striker old has proven his adaptability, exchanged the Barca-esque style of Arsenal with the wing play of United, and still managed to score goals on a regular basis.

Standing at 6'1 inches, Robin has the ability to both run past defenders, but also to win the aerial battles as well, adding the his versatility. He is not known for his pace, however, and as proved against Sunderland, prefers the slower, more thought out game. His movement is impecable, and this means that he does not need the pace of Walcott to succeed, The Dutchman can gain yards on his opponent by moving at the right time, which shows a much higher level of intelligence when reading the game. A brilliant Striker, and one of the greats of my generation, at twenty nine years old, you have to wonder how long he can keep scoring for. That is irrelevant for this list, however, and he rounds off the five players i believe should be in contention for Premier Leagues Best Striker, at this point in the season.

That's it!

So that rounds off this article nicely. Of course there are many more strikers who could have been included in this list, such as Aguero, Tevez, Defoe, Rooney, but these are the five who have caught my eye this season, and have impressed me with their abilities as a striker.

If you have any differing opinions please let me know in the comments section, I will make sure i reply as soon as is humanly possible. Please like this page, and follow me on hub pages, I have several other articles that you may also wish to read if you have time.


Out of the five above, who is the best striker so far?

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    • Mr Awbery profile image

      Mr Awbery 5 years ago from Doncaster, England

      @Carla Smith - What? If that is aimed at me, perhaps include what I could improved on? Or if it is not, please be more practical and useful with your comments please.

    • profile image

      Carla smith 5 years ago

      Your rubbish

    • Donnacha C profile image

      Donnacha C 5 years ago from Ennis, Co Clare, Republic of Ireland

      If I could have any of these players in my team (Milan) it defo would be Luis Suarez...his finishing skills are pure class...I don't care about the controversies etc, he is fit, rarely injured and has nifty footwork


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