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Bicycle Gear and Accessories-Made by the people who depend on bicycle transportation.

Updated on May 20, 2012
Amish Made Saddle Bags
Amish Made Saddle Bags
Reflective Ankle Straps also keeps pant legs out of the chain
Reflective Ankle Straps also keeps pant legs out of the chain
High visual flashing LED bike light
High visual flashing LED bike light
Small Amish made bike trailer
Small Amish made bike trailer
Close up of small trailer
Close up of small trailer
Mini Bike trailer works on adult and kids bikes
Mini Bike trailer works on adult and kids bikes
Easy on and off do-nut hitch fits any bike
Easy on and off do-nut hitch fits any bike
Large Aluminum Bike Trailer with cover
Large Aluminum Bike Trailer with cover
Large Aluminum Bike Trailer open
Large Aluminum Bike Trailer open

The Amish who already depend on the bicycle have probably perfected their products the best to carry haul and to be seen after dark.

Whether you ride a bicycle for competition, work or just to obtain exercise you will undoubtedly will at some point need to add some type of accessory to carry supplies, gear or to be seen riding in the dark.

Out of necessity over the years people have added all types of contraptions consisting of bags, baskets, boxes, sacks, and etc. to carry goods and supplies. The most common carrying devices were a handle bar mounted front basket and side mounted baskets alongside the rear wheels.

A flat metal fender was added which fits behind the rider seat and extends over the back wheel.

Sometimes this would be equipped with a spring loaded metal hold down or straps would be added to hold such items as school books.

Leather or fabric bags were also made to resemble a horseman’s saddle bag which would go over the flat surface and hang down on each side of the back wheel.

As people tried to haul more items they soon realized that gravity and balance prevented them from safely transporting large and bulky items.

Again probably out of necessity someone came up with the idea to add a trailer to the bike so that these bulky items could safely be pulled behind the bike.

You can look at bike trailer images on the Internet and see some pretty crazy things being transported, especially in the third world countries where bicycle are still the main source of transportation.

These carrying devices continue to be perfected and are still being used today for those who use a bicycle for work or leisure.

As fuel cost continue to rise and the health awareness benefits of bicycle riding make this a popular outdoor event. Bicycle use and sales are only expected to explode in the coming years.

The Amish who already depend on the bicycle have probably perfected their products the best to carry haul and to be seen after dark.

Aside the horse and buggy image, the Amish also use and depend on bicycles to make the short hops to town, go off to work or to school

Fold up canvas saddle bags are a popular Amish bicycle accessory. They fold flat out of the way up against the back wheel, but when needed, they can haul a full sack of groceries on each side.

It is a common site to drive through the Amish communities early in the morning or evening to see the Amish, men, women and children all going to or returning from shopping, work, or school on their bicycles with these saddle bags holding a lunch box, school books, or supplies.

Another very common site is to see the Amish wife headed to or from the store with an aluminum white bicycle trailer in tow. These trailers only weigh around 20- 23 lbs but will carry a week’s supply of groceries and supplies.

Considering the size of an Amish family that is a good haul for even a small SUV. True the Amish do grow more and make more things from scratch, so the payload of groceries is probably not equal of an SUV owner, but they do haul a lot of stuff.

The Amish bicycle trailers are just as functional for the non-Amish who would like to use the bicycle more to save on gas, and or people who live on small islands or in communities where regular automobiles are not allowed.

The large Aluminum bike cart even has an optional cover to keep the cargo and gear dry if you should get caught in the rain.

A bicycle trailer is very functional for outdoors people who want to haul camping gear, a warehouse worker who runs around to pull orders, a bike mounted courier to deliver packages, or even a street vendor to peddle into pedestrian areas to sell their wares.

Even bike mounted police can use these little trailers to haul emergency gear in and around crowded events. Large bike clubs use these to haul snacks and beverages for long cross country riders.

The bike trailers sold by Cottage Craft Works do not require a special hitch to be mounted onto the pulling bicycle either, a simple rubber donut hitch hooks on to the seat post of any bicycle.

This makes the transfer of the cart over to other bikes simple and easy for those long and grueling cross country rides.

Bike trailers come in large 32” x 30”x 15”, small 25” x 17-1/4 x 12-1/2 or mini 22” x 13" x 10". They are cute with aluminum fenders and light brackets.

Bike riding at night on roads and streets traveled by automobiles is not a safe venture, but at times we underestimate a ride and get caught coming home in the dark, when that happens high visibility is the key.

As the days become shorter and night fall comes before 6:00 PM during the late fall and winter months in Indiana and Ohio, riding a bike becomes dangerous on busy highways.

The saddle bags already have reflective straps sewed on to the outside of the bags.

Cottage Craft Works also sells two other bicycle accessories that ever rider should have. The first are simple high visibility reflective straps that use Velcro to go around the ankles.

This is the same bright yellow reflective material which is sewed onto fireman and first responder vest. The reflect off car headlights providing a rotating bright yellow neon glow as the riders peddles.

These ankle straps also serve a dual purpose when riding with long pants as they hold the pants leg from being caught into the bicycle chain, which can cause the rider to take a dangerous spill.

The second item is an Amish made heavy duty flashing LED light that can be mounted on the front or back of a bicycle. The high visibility lights can be seen for over a mile and using LED lights, they have a very low battery drain.

You can purchase all these quality Amish made bicycle accessories online at Cottage Craft Works .com


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