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Bicycle Trailers for a Child, Pet, or Cargo

Updated on December 14, 2009

Bicycle Trailers for the Long Haul

When it comes to taking young children on a bike ride then bicycle trailers are many times the best way to go. The kids can sit in a bike trailer and not expend any energy where they may have been exhausted riding their own bicycle.

A pet bicycle trailer or cargo bicycle trailer can also be useful for carrying pets or cargo along on a ride where the option may have not been there before. The added resistance of the trailer and it’s contents might be beneficial for the cyclist who is looking to increase their workout.

A bicycle trailer is one way to exercise and spend more time with the family. A great source for bicycle trailers is

Take Your Pet on the Road with a Bicycle Trailer

A lot of times when dogs get older they are unable to get out and run like they used to. They still enjoy the fresh air and traveling but their body won’t let them. This is where a pet bicycle trailer comes in handy.
A pet can sit comfortably in a bicycle trailers while the cycler is getting exercise at the same time. As they do in a car, a dog can stick their head out the window to feel the cool breeze pass next to them.
A pet bike trailer can also be great as cargo bicycle trailer. For a long trip the trailer can host both a pet and act as a storage trailer.
A great place to get pet bicycle trailers is


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