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Big Ten College Football 2010 Preview

Updated on August 16, 2010

2010 Big Ten Football

 This will be the last year of the Big Ten having eleven teams as they will welcome Nebraska to the Big Ten Conferene in 2011.  But for now the Big Ten made some strides last year after getting blasted in the 2006 and 2007 national title games.  Ohio State ende its three year bowl losses with a Rose Bowl victory over Oregon last year, 26-17.  Iowa also was victorious beating ACC champion Georgia Tech in the Orange Bowl last year 24-14.  Wisconsin beat a talented Miami(FL) team in the Champs Sports Bowl 20-14.  So the Big Ten are making some strides to comeback being one of the top conferences in college football.  And now with Nebraska joining in 2011 it will push the conference to twelve teams which well force them to have a championship game.  So here are my 2010 Big Ten preview on how I think each team will finish in the conference and key returning starters on offense and defense.

Impact Players of Big Ten Football 2010

RB Brandon Saine  Ohio State
RB Brandon Saine Ohio State
QB Terrelle Pryor  Ohio State
QB Terrelle Pryor Ohio State
LB Ross Homan  Ohio State
LB Ross Homan Ohio State
DE Cameron Heyward  Ohio State
DE Cameron Heyward Ohio State
RB John Clay  Wisconsin
RB John Clay Wisconsin
WR Nick Toon  Wisconsin
WR Nick Toon Wisconsin
DE Adrian Clayborn  Iowa
DE Adrian Clayborn Iowa
WR Marvin McNutt  Iowa
WR Marvin McNutt Iowa
DT Ollie Ogbu  Penn State
DT Ollie Ogbu Penn State
RB Evan Royster  Penn State
RB Evan Royster Penn State
QB Tate Forcier  Michigan
QB Tate Forcier Michigan
QB Kirk Cousins  Michigan State
QB Kirk Cousins Michigan State
DE Clay Nures  Illinois
DE Clay Nures Illinois
RB Mikel Leshoure  Illinois
RB Mikel Leshoure Illinois
QB Adam Weber  Minnesota
QB Adam Weber Minnesota

2010 Big Ten Football Conference Preview

1. Ohio State (8 offense 6 defense) - Key Skilled Offensive Players: QB Terrelle Pryor - Jr. ('09 167-295 2094yds 18td 11int/162att 779yds 7td) ('08 100-165 1311yds 12td 4int/139att 631yds 6td) RB Brandon Saine - Sr. ('09 145att 739yds 4td/17rec 224yds 2td) ('08 26att 73yds 1td)('07 60att 267yds 2td/12rec 160yds 1td) WR DeVier Posey - Jr. ('09 60rec 828yds 8td) ('08 11rec 117yds 1td) WR Dane Sanzenbacher - Sr. ('09 36rec 570yds 6td) ('08 21rec 272yds 1td)('07 12rec 89yds 1td) RB Dan Herron - Jr. ('09 153att 600yds 7td/11rec 66yds 1td) ('08 89att 439yds 6td) FB Jordan Hall - So. ('09 48att 248yds 1td) Top Defensive Players: LB Ross Homan - Sr. ('09 108tkl 2sks 3tfl 5pbu 5int) ('08 67tkl 3pbu 2int) ('07 12tkl 2tfl 1pbu) LB Brian Rolle - Sr. ('09 95tkl 7tfl 1pbu 1int) ('08 21tkl 1int) ('07 18tkl 1sk 2tfl) FS Jermale Hines - Sr. ('09 57tkl 1sk 2.5tfl 1pbu 2int) ('08 31tkl 2tfl 3pbu) DE Cameron Heyward - Sr. ('09 46tkl 6.5sks 3.5tfl) ('08 36tkl 3sks 1.5tfl 1pbu) ('07 33tkl 2.5sks 7.5tfl 3pbu) CB Chimdi Chekwa - Sr. ('09 43tkl 7pbu 1int) ('08 30tkl 4pbu 1int) ('07 30tkl 2tfl 9pbu 1int) CB Devon Torrence - Sr. ('09 35tkl 1sk .5tfl 2pbu 2int)

Ohio State's 2010 Schedule

9/2/10 vs Marshall

9/11/10 vs Miami(FL) - Impact Game

9/18/10 vs Ohio

9/25/10 vs Eastern Michigan

10/2/10 at Illinois

10/9/10 vs Indiana

10/16/10 at Wisconsin - Trap Game

10/23/10 vs Purdue

10/30/10 at Minnesota

11/13/10 vs Penn State - Swing Game

11/20/10 at Iowa - Statement Game

11/27/10 vs Michigan

2. Wisconsin (10 offense 6 defense) - Key Skilled Offensive Players: QB Scott Tolzein - Sr. ('09 211-328 2705yds 16td 11int/54att 8yds 2td) ('08 5-8 107yds) RB John Clay - Jr. ('09 287att 1517yds 18td/9rec 61yds) ('08 155att 884yds 9td) WR Nick Toon - Jr. ('09 54rec 805yds 4td) ('08 17rec 257yds 1td) WR Isaac Anderson - Sr. ('09 30rec 480yds 2td) ('08 21rec 286yds) ('06 5rec 49yds) RB Montee Ball - So. ('09 98att 391yds 4td) RB Zach Brown - Sr. ('09 66att 292yds 3td) ('08 55att 307yds 2td) ('07 119att 1568yds 5td/4rec 23yds) Top Defensive Players: LB Culmer St Jean - Sr. ('09 63tkl 1.5sks 2.5tfl 4pbu 1int) ('08 23tkl 1int) ('07 17tkl .5tfl) CB Devin Smith - Jr. ('09 55tkl 1sk .5tfl 9pbu 2int) LB Chris Borland - So. ('09 54tkl 5sks 5.5tfl 2pbu 1int) SS Jay Valai - Sr. ('09 51tkl 3.5tfl 4pbu 1int)('08 56tkl 1sk 3tfl 1pbu) LB Mike Taylor - So. ('09 46tkl 4.5sks 5tfl 5pbu) DE JJ Wyatt - Jr. ('09 44tkl 4.5sks 11tfl 5pbu) LB Blake Sorensen - Sr. ('09 40tkl 1sk .5tfl 1int) ('08 14tkl 2tfl) ('07 14tkl)

Wisconsin's 2010 Schedule

9/4/10 vs UNLV

9/11/10 vs San Jose State

9/18/10 vs Arizona State

9/25/10 vs Austin Peay

10/2/10 at Michigan State - Trap Game

10/9/10 vs Minnesota

10/16/10 vs Ohio State - Statement Game

10/23/10 at Iowa - Impact Game

11/6/10 at Purdue

11/13/10 vs Indiana

11/20/10 at Michigan - Swing Game

11/27/10 vs Northwestern

3. Iowa (6offense 8 defense) - Key Skilled Offensive Players: QB Ricky Stanzi - Sr. ('09 171-304 2417yds 17td 15int/53att -31yds) ('08 150-254 1956yds 14td 9int/56att 20yds) RB Adam Robinson - So. ('09 181att 834yds 5td/10rec 80yds) RB Brandon Wegher - So. ('09 162att 641yds 8td/13rec 112yds) WR Derrell Johnson-Koulianos - Sr. ('09 45rec 750yds 2td) ('08 44rec 639yds 3td) ('07 38rec 482yds 2td) WR Marvin McNutt - Jr. ('09 34rec 674yds 8td) TE Allen Reisner - Sr. ('09 14rec 143yds 1td) ('08 11rec 200yds 1td) ('07 2rec 30yds) Top Defensive Players: Jeremiha Hunter - Sr. ('09 89tkl 2.5tfl 4pbu 1int) ('08 80tkl 5tfl 2pbu 1int) SS Tyler Sash - Jr. ('09 85tkl 5.5tfl 6pbu 6int) ('08 53tkl 1sk 1.5tfl 6pbu 5int) DE Adrian Clayborn - Jr. ('09 70tkl 11.5sks 8.5tfl 2pbu) ('08 50tkl 2sks 6tfl 3pbu) DT Karl Klug - Sr. ('09 65tkl 4sks 9tfl 5pbu) ('08 17tkl 2sks 3tfl) DE Broderick Binns - Jr. ('09 63tkl 6sks 4tfl 9pbu) ('08 22tkl 2sks .5tfl 2pbu) FS Brett Greenwood - Sr. ('09 55tkl 7pbu 3int) ('08 68tkl 6pbu 2int) ('07 45tkl 1tfl 7pbu 2int) DT Christian Ballard - Sr. ('09 54tkl 5.5sks 3.5tfl) ('08 40tkl 1.5sks 2tfl 1pbu) ('07 15tkl 2.5sks 1.5tfl) CB Shaun Prater - Jr. ('09 41tkl 8pbu 2int)

Iowa's 2010 Schedule

9/4/10 vs Eastern Illinois

9/11/10 vs Iowa State

9/18/10 at Arizona

9/25/10 vs Ball State

10/2/10 vs Penn State - Swing Game

10/16/10 at Michigan - Trap Game

10/23/10 vs Wisconsin - Impact Game

10/30/10 vs Michigan State

11/6/10 at Indiana

11/13/10 at Northwestern

11/20/10 vs Ohio State - Statement Game

11/27/10 vs Minnesota

4. Penn State (8 offense 5 defense) - Key Skilled Offensive Players: RB Evan Royster - Sr. ('09 205att 1169yds 6td/16rec 187yds 2td) ('08 191att 1236yds 12td/17rec 155yds) ('07 82att 513yds 5td) RB Stepfon Green - Jr. ('09 71att 319yds 3td/6rec 80yds) ('08 105att 578yds 4td/15rec 268yds) WR Derek Moye - Jr. ('09 48rec 785yds 7td) ('08 11rec 174yds 2td) WR Graham Zug - Sr. ('09 46rec 600yds 7td) ('08 11rec 174yds 2td) FB Joey Shuey - Jr. ('09 22att 68yds/21rec 186yds 1td) Top Defensive Players: FS Drew Astornino - Jr. ('09 62tkl 1tfl 4pbu 1int) ('08 39tkl 1tfl 5pbu 2int) Bani Gbadyu - Sr. ('09 37tkl .5tfl 1pbu) ('08 25tkl 1tfl) CB D'Anton Lynn - Jr. ('09 35tkl .5sk 3tfl 5pbu) DE Jack Crawford - Jr. ('09 31tkl 5.5sks 9tfl 3pbu) Nate Stupar - Jr. ('09 31tkl 1sk .5tfl 1int) ('08 21tkl 1tfl 1pbu) Ollie Ogbu - Sr. ('09 30tkl 2sks 6tfl) ('08 17tkl 2ks .5tfl) ('07 18tkl 1sk 9tfl)oo

Penn State's 2010 Schedule

9/4/10 vs Youngstown State

9/11/10 at Alabama - Statement Game

9/18/10 vs Kent State

9/25/10 vs Temple

10/2/10 at Iowa - Swing Game

10/9/10 vs Illinois

10/23/10 at Minnesota

10/30/10 vs Michigan - Trap Game

11/6/10 vs Northwestern

11/13/10 at Ohio State - Impact Game

11/20/10 vs Indiana

11/27/10 vs Michigan State

5. Michigan (7 offense 8 defense) - Key Skilled Offensive Players: 20 Tate Forcier - So. ('09 165-281 2050yds 13td 10int/118att 240yds 3td) QB Denard Robinson - So. ('09 14-31 188yds 2td 4int/69att 351yds 5td) WR Roy Roundtree - So. ('09 32rec 434yds 3td) WR Martavious Odom - Jr. ('09 22rec 272yds 1td) ('08 49rec 443yds) TE Kevin Koger - Jr. ('09 16rec 220yds 2td) WR Junior Hemingway - Jr. ('09 16rec 268yds 2td) Top Defensive Players: SS Jordan Kovaes - So. ('09 75tkl 4.5tfl 1int) LB Obi Ezeh - Sr. ('09 69tkl 5tfl 2pbu) ('08 98tkl 1sk 6tfl 2pbu 1int) ('07 68tkl 2sks 2tfl 2pbu 1int) Jonas Mouton - Sr. ('09 66tkl 3tfl 2pbu 2int) ('08 76tkl 1sk 5.5tfl 1pbu) SS Mike Williams - Jr. ('09 56tkl 1tfl 1int) ('08 18tkl 1sk 1tfl) DE Martin - Jr. ('09 51tkl 2sks 6.5tfl)('08 51tkl 2sks 6.5tfl) CB Troy Woolfork - Sr. ('09 46tkl 1pbu) ('08 10tkl) LB Kevin Leach - Jr. ('09 46tkl 1sk 1int)

Michigan 2010 Schedule

9/4/10 vs Connecticut - Swing Game

9/11/10 at Notre Dame - Trap Game

9/18/10 vs Massachusetts

9/25/10 vs Bowling Green

10/2/10 at Indiana

10/9/10 vs Michigan State

10/6/10 vs Iowa - Impact Game

10/30/10 at Penn State

11/6/10 vs Illinois

11/13/10 at Purdue

11/20/10 vs Wisconsin

11/27/10 at Ohio State - Statement Game

6. Northwestern (7 offense 6defense) - Key Skilled Offensive Players: RB Arby Fields - So. ('09 82att 302yds 5td/17rec 79yds) RB Scott Concannon - Jr. ('09 68att 241yds 2td/4rec 43yds) WR Drake Dunsmore - Jr. ('09 47rec 523yds 3td) WR Sidney Stewart - Sr. ('09 42rec 470yds 2td)('08 17rec 134yds 1td) WR Jeremy Ebert - Jr. ('09 21rec 226yds) ('08 15rec 161yds 2td) WR Demetrius Fields - So. ('09 24rec 225yds 1td) RB Stephen Simmons - Sr. ('09 59att 233yds 2td) ('08 62att 178yds 2td) QB Dan Parsa - Jr. ('09 20-34 224yds 2td 2int/49att 167yds) Top Defensive Players: LB Quentin Davie - Sr. ('09 90tkl 5sks 6.5tfl 3pbu 1int) ('08 57tkl 3.5sks 6tfl 2pbu) ('07 25tkl .5tfl) LB Nate Williams - Sr. ('09 86tkl 1sk 6tfl 4pbu 2int) ('08 66tkl 1sk 2.5tfl 2pbu) CB Jordan Maloin - Jr. ('09 75tkl .5tfl 2int) ('08 52tkl 2tfl 5pbu 3int) SS Brian Peters - Jr. ('09 67tkl 3tfl 2pbu 3int) ('08 35tkl 2tfl 1pbu 1int) DE Vince Browne - So. ('09 39tkl 5sks 3tfl)

Northwestern 2010 Schedule

9/4/10 at Vanderbilt

9/11/10 vs Illinois State

9/18/10 at Rice(

9/25/10 vs Central Michigan

10/2/10 at Minnesota

10/9/10 vs Purdue

10/23/10 vs Michigan State - Swing Game

10/30/10 at Indiana

11/6/10 at Penn State - Impact Game

11/13/10 vs Iowa - Trap Game

11/20/10 vs Illinois (Chicago)

11/27/10 at Wisconsin - Statement

7. Michigan State (7 offense 6 defense) - Key Skilled Offensive Players: QB Kirk Cousins - Jr ('09 198-328 2680yds 19td 9int/31att 60yds) ('08 32-43 310yds 2td 1int) RB Larry Caper - So. ('09 120att 468yds 6td/3rec 47yds) RB Edwin Baker - So ('09 85att 457yds 1td) WR BJ Cunningham - Jr. ('09 48rec 641yds 4td) ('08 41rec 528yds) WR Keshawn Martin - Jr ('09 18rec 411yds 5td/18att 219yds 1td) ('08 11rec 132yds/9att 51yds/2-3 59yds) TE Charlie Gantt - Sr ('09 22rec 348yds 2td) ('08 19rec 302yds 4td) WR Mark Dell Sr ('09 26rec 449yds 1td) ('08 36rec 679yds 3td) ('07 20rec 220yds 2td) Top Defensife Players: LB Greg Jones - Sr ('09 154tkl 9sks 5tfl 1pbu) ('08 127tkl 2sks 12tfl 1pbu) ('07 78tkl 1sk 6.5tfl 2pbu) LB Eric Gordon - Sr ('09 92tkl 3.5sks 4tfl 2pbu) ('08 85tkl 3sks 4.5tfl 3pbu) ('07 62tkl 1sk 6.5tfl 2pbu 1int) FS Trenton Robinson - Jr. ('09 67tkl 2pbu 1int) CB Chris L Rucker - Sr ('09 58tkl 1sk 2tfl 7pbu 1int) ('08 45tkl 1sk 3tfl 4pbu 2int) ('07 24tkl 1pbu 1int) SS Marcus Hyde - Sr. ('09 46tkl) ('08 31tkl 1int) DT Jerel Worthy - So ('09 37tkl 4.5sks 4.5tfl 2pbu)

Michigan State 2010 Schedule

9/4/10 vs Western Michigan

9/11/10 vs Florida Atlantic (Detroit)

9/18/10 vs Notre Dame

9/25/10 vs Northern Colorado

10/2/10 vs Wisconsin - Swing Game

10/9/10 at Michigan - Trap Game

10/16/10 vs Illinois

10/23/10 at Northwestern

10/30/10 at Iowa - Statement Game

11/6/10 vs Minnesota

11/20/10 vs Purdue

11/27/10 at Penn State - Impact Game

8. Illinois (5 offense 7 defense) - Key Skilled Offensive Players: RB Mikel Leshore - Jr ('09 108att 734yds 5tf/14rec 177yds 2td) ('08 35att 83yds 1td/6rec 66yds) RB Jason Ford - Jr ('09 97att 588yds 4td) ('08 81att 294yds 8td) WR Eddie McGee - Sr ('09 25-47 303yds 1td 3int/37att 115yds 2td) ('08 4-9 59yds/14att 83yds)('07 29-55 444yds 2td 3int/31att 153yds 2td) WR Jarred Fayson - Sr ('09 16rec 218yds 1td) ('08 9rec 79yds) QB Jacob Charest - So ('09 28-56 382yds 2td 2int/5att 20yds 1td) Top Defensive Players: LB Ian Thomas - Jr ('09 95tkl 1sk 3.5tfl 4pbu) CB Travis Wilson - Jr ('09 74tkl 3.5tfl 7pbu 1int)('08 11tkl .5tfl 1pbu) LB Nate Bussey - Sr ('09 43tkl .5sk 1pbu) ('08 21tkl 2pbu) ('07 9tkl) LB Russell Ellington - Jr ('09 42tkl 2.5tfl 3pbu 1int) DT Josh Brent - Sr ('09 29tkl 3sks 4tfl 1pbu) ('08 34tkl 1.5sks 7tfl) ('07 8tkl 1.5sks .5tfl)

Illinois 2010 Schedule

9/4/10 vs Missouri (St. Louis) - Impact Game

9/11/10 vs Southern Illinois

9/18/10 vs Northern Illinois

10/2/10 vs Ohio State - Statement Game

10/9/10 at Penn State

10/16/10 at Michigan State - Trap Game

10/23/10 vs Indiana

10/30/10 vs Purdue - Swing Game

11/6/10 at Michigan

11/13/10 vs Minnesota

11/20/10 vs Northwestern (Chicago)

12/3/10 at Fresno State

9. Purdue (5 offense 6 defense) - Key Skilled Offensive Players: WR Keith Smith - Sr ('09 91rec 1100yds 6td) ('08 48rec 486yds 2td) TE Kyle Adams - Sr ('09 29rec 249yds) ('07 8rec 109yds 2td) WR Keith Carlos - Sr ('09 21rec 242yds 1td) WR Cortez Smith - Sr ('09 17rec 177yds 2td) Top Defensive Players: LB Joe Holland - Jr ('09 81tkl 1.5sks 2tfl 1pbu 1int) ('08 76tkl 1sk 1tfl 4pbu 1int) LB Jason Werner - Sr ('09 77tkl 4.5sks 10tfl 2pbu 1int) ('07 28tkl 1sk 1tfl) LB Chris Carlino - Jr ('09 71tkl 2tfl 4pbu 1int) ('08 36tkl .5tfl) DE Ryan Kerrigan - Sr ('09 66tkl 13sks 5.5tfl 2pbu) ('08 56tkl 7sks 4.5tfl 4pbu 1int) ('07 18tkl 1sk) DT Kawann Short - So ('09 48tkl 4tfl 1pbu 2int) DE Gerald Gooden - Jr ('09 37tkl 4.5sks 3.5tfl) ('08 14tkl 2sks 2tfl)

Purdue 2010 Schedule

9/4/10 at Notre Dame - Impact Game

9/11/10 vs Western Illinois

9/18/10 vs Ball State

9/25/10 vs Toledo

10/9/10 at Northwestern

10/16/10 vs Minnesota - Swing Game

10/23/10 at Ohio State

10/30/10 at Illinois - Trap Game

11/6/10 vs Wisconsin - Statement Game

11/13/10 vs Michigan

11/20/10 at Michigan State

11/27/10 vs Indiana

10. Indiana (9 offense 4 defense) - Key Skilled Offensive Players: QB Ben Chappell - Sr ('09 268-428 2941yds 17td 15int/41att -9yds 3td) ('08 80-153 1001yds 4td 3int/50att 72yds 3td) ('07 1-2 14yds) RB Darius Willis - So ('09 123att 607yds 6td/10rec 88yds) WR Tandon Doss - Jr ('09 77rec 962yds 5td) ('08 14rec 186yds 1td) WR Damarlo Belcher - Jr ('09 61rec 770yds 5td) ('08 25rec 337yds 2td) WR Terrance Turner - Sr ('09 46rec 443yds 1td) ('08 29rec 289yds) WR Mitchell Evans - Sr 33rec 366yds 3td) ('08 9rec 129yds) ('07 12tkl 1pbu 2int) Top Defensive Players: LB Tyler Replogle - Sr ('09 80tkl 2sks 4.5tfl 2pbu 1int) ('08 38tkl 1sk) DT Adam Replogle - So ('09 32tkl 4sks 1tfl) FS Donnell Jones - Jr ('09 30tkl 3pbu 1int) ('08 20tkl 1tfl 3pbu 1int) DT Larry Black - So ('09 29tkl 1.5sks 6tfl 1pbu)

Indiana 2010 Schedule

9/2/10 vs Towson

9/18/10 vs Western Kentucky

9/25/10 vs Akron

10/2/10 vs Michigan - Impact Game

10/9/10 at Ohio State

10/16/10 vs Arkansas State

10/23/10 at Illinois

10/30/10 vs Northwestern - Swing Game

11/6/10 vs Iowa - Statement Game

11/13/10 at Wisconsin

11/20/10 vs Penn State (Landover)

11/27/10 at Purdue - Trap Game

11. Minnesota (9 offense 2 defense) - Key Skilled Offensive Players: QB Adam Weber - Sr ('09 191-367 2582yds 13td 15int/73att -133yds 1td) ('08 255-410 2761yds 15td 8int/127att 233yds 4td) ('07 258-449 2895yds 24td 19int/146att 617yds 5td) RB Duane Bennett - Jr ('09 98att 376yds 6td/16rec 194yds 2td) ('08 32att 140yds 2td/12rec 125yds 1td) RB DeLeon Eskridge - Jr ('09 74att 294yds 3td) ('08 184att 678yds 7td/29rec 181yds) WR Da'Jon McKnight - Jr ('09 17rec 311yds) WR Troy Stoudermire - Jr ('09 26rec 306yds 2td) WR Brandon Green - Jr ('09 21rec 293yds 1td) ('08 21rec 306yds 1td) Top Defensive Players: FS Kim Royston - Sr ('09 86tkl 1sk .5tfl 6pbu 1int) SS Kyle Theret - Sr ('09 73tkl 2tfl 4pbu 3int) ('08 78tkl 2.5tfl 8pbu 3int) ('07 39tkl 2tfl 2pbu 3int) CB Ryan Collado - Sr ('09 34tkl 2sks 2tfl 1pbu) ('08 22tkl 1int) ('07 51tkl 2tfl 4pbu)

Minnesota 2010 Schedule

9/2/10 at Middle Tennessee State - Trap Game

9/11/10 vs South Dakota

9/18/10 vs USC - Statement Game

9/25/10 vs Northern Illinois

10/2/10 vs Northwestern

10/9/10 at Wisconsin

10/16/10 at Purdue

10/23/10 vs Penn State

10/30/10 vs Ohio State - Impact Game

11/6/10 at Michigan State

11/13/10 at Illinois - Swing Game

11/27/10 vs Iowa


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