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Bikes & Bicycles for Kids Review 2014

Updated on January 9, 2014

Bicycle Guide for Boys Under 12

Little boys and their bikes, need I say more? They all love them.

They love to ride bikes and it is a great way for exercise and fun for them. There are a lot of cool bikes out there for boys from just learning to ride to a great mountain bike.

In this post we'll feature the best bikes for boys up to and under age 12. This includes our picks for toddler boys as well as boys 4, 5, and 6 years old.

Strider PREbike Balance Running Bike

In my neighborhood it's all about the Strider. They are a really cool option for a first bike.

The idea is to learn to balance first then go from the Strider to a bike with no training wheels. It is all the rage right now. It is for kids 1 to 5 years of age. Your boys will love it, mine sure did. This is known to be the perfect beginners bicycle - it has a design that makes it much simpler to learn to balance and ride a bicycle before adding additional and more complex steps to the "equation."

The key to this bike is that toddler boys can learn to be able to balance at a young age on a no pedal bike. They learn the basics of riding so that when they're ready to move on to a bike with pedals they already have it down. Bikes with training wheels essentially turn your bike into a tricycle which really doesn't teach your child anything.

Don't just take my word for it.

This is a wonderful bicycle that is getting marvelous reviews from nearly everyone across the board. He'll love to use it even after he's too old for it because it's easy to do fun tricks that you might not normally try on a conventional bicycle. You can see the price and availability of this bike below.

YBIKE Balance Bike

This is similar in concept to the Strider Balance Bike as this bicycle is also designed for very young riders, giving them a bit of an easier introduction to riding a bicycle.

This bicycle has a few safety features built right into the design as well, creating less of a risk of injury while riding, which will make mom and dad feel better.

Radio Flyer Classic Red 10" Bike

This classic red bike is a super hit with all the young ones up to the age of 3. Complete with chrome fenders and a little silver bell, this is a perfect first bike for any child and it promotes a sense of independence along with being very safe.

Removable training wheels, adjustable seat, reflectors are some of the included features. Wheels have real rubber tires, but a word of caution is that there are no brakes. Make sure mom or dad is right there when junior is taking it out for a spin.

BMX Spider Man Bike

This is the bike my son is learning to ride on, and loves it!

This is a great pick for the Spiderman fans out there. It has a Spiderman theme, a heavy duty steel frame and 12 inch tires with training wheels for those just learning to ride.

When my son learned to ride without training wheels we just took them off and he was ready to go, without getting a brand new bike.

Huffy Green Machine

This bike has steering levers that allow you to take a 360 degree spin! Oh yeah, all the cool dudes out there would love to give this bike a try. There are dual joysticks for responsive rear wheel steering and 2 extra wide rear tires for stability and easy turns.

A word of caution, make sure your child wears a helmet with this bike as it can flip. Huffy is a great brand too and always makes great products.

16-inch Boys' Schwinn StingRay Chopper

The new Schwinn Boys' Sting-Ray is so popular with the little guys. This bike is designed along the Orange County chopper style lines. The dads are sure to love this look for their son, too.

The chopper theme is re-enforced on the frame as well as the chain guard. Training wheels are included for this 16" bike. A cool saddle style seat completes the look. They will love their motorcycle themed bike!

Huffy Pro Thunder Kids Bike

This is a Construction vehicle-themed bike with knobby wheels for beginning riders.

It has rear coaster brake and makes stopping easy for new riders. It also has the Handlebar pad, enclosed chain guard, quick-release adjustable seat post.

It has a great look and he'll love the way that it rides as well.

16" Hyper Moto Bike

Help your kids learn how to ride a bike with the 16" Hyper Moto Bike. It features an authentic motorcycle saddle and knobby tires to help grip the ground. Plus, this training bike also has authentic motocross graphics for extra moto flair.

If your little guy is obsessed with motorcycles this is the bike for you. It has authentic motorcycle saddle and graphics, suspension frame, authentic motor cross graphics and the total integrity of the motorcycle tires.

This is a cool bike.

Mongoose Override 20" Boys' Freestyle Bike

What an awesome bike! When the boys get a little older, riding is not enough and it is all about the tricks.

This 20" light and sturdy bike allows you to perform grinds and tricks on the ramp. Made of high tensile steel, with rims of aluminum alloy and super powerful brakes, this freestyle bike from Mongoose is a great bet!

It is a great brand that you can't go wrong with.

Pacific Chromium Bike

This bike has a very cool look, and comes in a range of nice looking colors. According to consumer reviews, this is a good bike for kids about 10 years of age, and has quite a number of great features. Also according to consumer reviews, it is an excellent choice for the money.

What kind of bikes do your kids have?

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