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Bill Belichick Closes The Gate on "Deflate-Gate"

Updated on January 25, 2015

Recap of major points

Yesterday, reporters were asked to stay around Gillette Stadium for a "major announcement" from the New England Patriots.

Just after 3 PM, Coach Bill Belichick took the podium to, once again, address the deflated ball controversy from the AFC Championship game.

Let's take a look at Belichick's major points. (I would directly quote the transcript, but HubPages will say I plagiarized, and that's annoying, so I will paraphrase):

*The Patriots "followed every rule to the letter"

*Pregame preparation of football is focused on "texture and feel", not the pressure

*When the footballs are delivered to the referees before game time, they are supposed to fill the football to the correct/acceptable pressure

*The pressure of footballs aren't measured during the game

*This is the end of any discussion of the pressure of footballs (i.e. WE'RE ONTO SEATTLE)


Belichick: "I believe now 100 percent that I have personally, and we as an organization, have absolutely followed every rule to the letter."
Belichick: "I believe now 100 percent that I have personally, and we as an organization, have absolutely followed every rule to the letter."


Whether you believe Belichick or not, the main point of this press conference was to end his, and his team's, discussion on this "controversy".

I think, even if you don't believe him, you should understand where he's coming from.

A coach is trying to prepare for the biggest game of the season and, here he is Saturday, holding a press conference about the pressure of a football.

This press conference also emphasized the role of the referees in the condition of the footballs before game time.

As mentioned, Belichick stated that the referees are supposed to inflate/deflate the football within the acceptable guidelines if they are already not within them.

But, all in all, this was about moving on. Now, Belichick and his team can say they've given you everything you needed and that it's time to talk about the actual game.

If Belichick hadn't done this, then Media Day at the Super Bowl would be even more of a circus than it usually is.

Reporters will still most likely have "Deflate-Gate" questions when that day comes, but players will have Belichick's latest press conference to refer to and that will be the end of that.

New England always tries to avoid distractions and this has certainly been one of the biggest distractions from the biggest game of the year.

I don't mean the Patriots have been distracted, but it's been a discussion that doesn't pertain to the actual game, which is something the Patriots avoid.

And Belichick has ended it, from NE's perspective. They've said their piece and they will cooperate with the NFL's investigation.

So, now we wait for what the NFL has to say. We still don't know HOW the footballs went under the accepted pressure limit.

We do know that Belichick and the Patriots have been adamant that it was not their fault for it. Belichick has said, on 2 different occasions with yesterday's press conference, that it wasn't them.

It would be extremely disappointing if they lied. But, with the way that press conference went, I find it hard to believe that Belichick would come out with a such a strong statement and not be telling the truth.

I'll have the preview of the Super Bowl later this week on my personal "Land of Lee" blog page. And with this, I am now done with this controversy as well.

Can't wait to discuss the football GAME and not the footBALL.



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