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Bill Buckner's Error

Updated on January 16, 2013
Bill Buckner Error  Boston Red Sox
Bill Buckner Error Boston Red Sox | Source

I was watching ESPN Original Documentaries the other night and came across the heart wrenching story of former Boston Red Sox, Bill Buckner.

It took the Boston Red Sox around twenty years to finally make him agree to return to Fenway Park.

Buckner will always be remembered in Red Sox Nation for a fielding error that the fans, until this very day, believe eventually cost the Boston Red Sox a World Series. Boston did win two World Titles after, but Red Sox fans never fully forgave him for that fielding error.

I just hate to think how Red Sox Nation would still be treating the man they associate with the Curse of the Bambino, if they had not won those two World Series.

Buckner cried as he walked to the pitching mound in 2008 to a thunderous standing ovation and threw the ceremonial first pitch, and he cried once again during the post game press conference. Time and a couple of world championships seemed to have heal some old wounds, but even after the former Red Sox first baseman said, “It doesn’t hurt,”…he had the look of man that had just come out of witness protection. You could still hear and feel the hurt in his voice, and how did that one single moment forever changed his life.

“…life is not all good good things. You’ve got to rebound”, Buckner continues “…enjoy the good when you got it”.

He spoke like a man very much still bother by the faithful fielding error which has made him the all-time scapegoat in baseball history and volunteered that he does not enjoy watching replays of the error on television.

We can only imagine how brutal his life has been all these years and all of the nightmares he has endured. No matter what he says, you just can’t make settlements with that kind of pain.


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    • jeolmoz2 profile image

      Julio E Olmo Sr 5 years ago from Florida, USA

      Thanks Cogerson...comparing old scars here...growing up as a Philadelphia Phillies fan have my share scars...the one I will always remember is Mitch "The Wild Thing" Williams giving up walk-off home-run to Joe Carter in the '93 World Series...I still see images of Joe jogging around the bases while Phillies were walking towards the dugout with their heads down.

    • Cogerson profile image

      Cogerson 5 years ago from Virginia

      I was a huge RedSox fan in 1986....and the thing I am amazed about is that people do not remember that the game was tied when he made the error. By the time the error happened....the cows had already left the barn....the closer had already blown the save and the manager made some horrible decisions in the 9th in my opinion even if Buckner had not made the error....the game probably would have ended with a Mets win. People seem to think if Buckner had gotten the ball and stepped on first base...the RedSox would have won the World just is not true.

      The best quote I have ever heard about the ending of this game...came from the author Steven King and lifelong RedSox fan....."After the game ended...I turned off all the lights in my house, sat in the dark and asked God ...what have I done to deserve this".

      Voted up and interesting.

    • jeolmoz2 profile image

      Julio E Olmo Sr 5 years ago from Florida, USA

      Thanks billd01603

    • billd01603 profile image

      billd01603 5 years ago from Worcester

      jeolmoz, As a Boston sports fan, that is one of the 3-4 worst moments. I don't blame Billy Buc, I blame the manager for keeping him in the game. He had had a great season and a borderline Hall of Fame career. The other bad moments: Dent's homer, Boone's Homer, Tyree's catch. What do they all have in common? New York teams! ecccccccch. Voted up and interesting