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Blackhawks or Heat?

Updated on March 28, 2013

All Good Things Must Come to An End

The Miami Heat now find themselves dealing with something they haven't had to deal with since February, having to regroup from a loss They may want to get in touch with the Chicago Blackhawks, who had a 24 game streak of scoring a point. For those of you not familiar with the National Hockey League, the league awards a point if the game is tied in regulation. For 24 straight games, the Blackhawks either won outright, or had a game go into overtime or a shootout.

Both were great feats, and required skill and luck.

The Blackhawk's streak could be seen as a bit tainted; because of the shortened NHL season, the teams are only playing teams from their conference. People will ask "what if Chicago had to play Eastern Conference opponents like Pittsburgh, New Jersey, or New York?" But that short season also added a level of difficulty; the lockout that created the conference only schedule meant a short training camp. The Blackhawk's streak, you see, started from the opening game.

Not to take anything away from what Miami has accomplished, but they had a full camp, and also their streak began with the season in full swing. They could build momentum.

Finally, in terms of benefit to the league, Chicago's streak may have meant more. A league that nearly had the season cancelled needed a good news story. Chicago was one, and the Pittsburgh Penguins, who currently have a 13 game regulation winning streak, may be another.


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    • BLACKANDGOLDJACK profile image

      Jack Hazen 4 years ago from Blitzburgh area

      The Heat streak rekindled my interest in the NBA. Usually I'm not all that interested until the playoffs. I watched the Bulls game last night and the Cavs game last week. Real good games. Intense, and not typical of what you see very often in the regular season.

      I'm always excited about hockey, especially the Penguins. I'll be watching their game tonight, as opposed to March Madness, which will have to wait until the Penguins game is over. 17 consecutive wins in a row is the record, set by the Penguins in the Mario years. Fluery won't be in the net due to an injury suffered in the last game.