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Katie Taylor: Taking Women's Boxing By Storm

Updated on December 9, 2016

By Lee Costello

Just two weeks after her storming through her professional debut, Katie Taylor is back in the ring again to fast track her way to world titles and there is no doubt that she will do exactly that.

If your fit and ready then why not fight? Katie is taking every opportunity she can to get her professional career underway and rack up as many wins as possible to get onto world stage.

Other boxers could learn from Katie's example. She already has a killer reputation and a big name as a Irish Olympic hero, but she's not topping bills in Vegas in her first fights as she plans to dog out it for a while and elevate her record.

With no real 'superstars' or house-hold names in women's boxing, there is slot for Katie to come in and dominate the whole sport as the undisputed number 1, and take women's boxing on the rise with her.

In many ways she can mimic what Ronda Rousey done for woman's MMA.

She completely devastated the whole sport and seemed untouchable before her shock defeat to Holly holm.

With her comeback on the horizon the most dangerous woman fighter is about to step into the octagon again and millions will be watching it, such is the attraction of Rousey.

Her hard work, dedication and no-nonsense approach to fighting has catapulted her above all the other woman fighters who came before her and she has the respect of not just the Woman's division but the entire UFC.

Katie can do the same.

Taylor not only spars with men but with high profile men boxers such as Paddy Barnes and she more than holds her own.

She could elevate the sport to a whole new level just as Ronda did, and gyms from all over Ireland, the UK and then the world will start to fill with young aspiring womn looking to emulate her.

With a reputation that already precedes her in the amateur game, the professional ranks are ripe for the taking and she's wasting no time in doing so.

I wouldn't be surprised that this time next year you wont be able to switch on your TV without seeing her on it.

Stardom awaits.


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