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Bluegill Fishing

Updated on February 3, 2016

Where to fish?

Bluegill can be found in most ponds, rivers, and lakes where fish are capable of living. With that being said a fisherman can have success catching bluegill in any of these. Bluegill also can be caught from the shoreline without the use of a boat. During the spring bluegill spawn and make nests up close to the shoreline and some of the best fishing of the year can be had during this time. Some of the biggest bluegill I have caught have been from small farm ponds.

What tackle to use?

Bluegill are not the most difficult fish that I have ever caught. I have seen them caught with everything from the cheapest combos to really expensive rod and reels. I generally use a spinning reel spooled with 4lb test. For a rod, I looked for something in the 5'6" to 6' range with a light action. A good size bluegill, with the right tackle, will put up a good fight. A day spent catching bluegill with light/ultralight tackle will be a fun day for almost any fisherman. Just like not needing a boat to be a successful bluegill fisherman, a person does not need to spend a lot of money on tackle to do well. Line size is the major thing. I would not suggest any line over 6lb test. Yes you may catch some with heavier line but it will limit your catch rate.

What bait to use?

Bluegill will bite almost anything. I have seen bluegill hit bass baits that looked almost as big as they are. I have my best luck with a small hook, a bobber rigged a couple feet up, and a red worm. Other types of live bait that I have used with success are: meal worms, night crawlers, crickets, and small minnows. Artificial baits can also be used. I caught several fish this year with a black and pink inline spinner bait. I also used a small plastic helgramite in a river and caught fish all day with it. When it comes to artificial bait there is about anything you can think of and some you can't imagine.

We caught them now what?

First let me say check all game and fish regulations and creel limits before you head out. With that being said once you catch him or her you have two choices to make: 1. You throw it back in or catch and release or 2. You take it home and clean it and enjoy a fine meal. Either choice you make is a good one. I do enjoy brining a mess home from time to time. They are one of the best tasting fish that swims. We usually roll them in flour and corn meal and fry them until they are golden brown.


Fishing is a sport that you can enjoy with your whole family. My children get a great deal of enjoyment out of catching a small bluegill. They are happy to be outdoors and catching something. In closing, I'd suggest getting out there and giving bluegill fishing a try.


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