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Bobby oh Bobby what have you done?

Updated on July 11, 2009

2009 Candiens Moves


As a fellow Hab-maniac, I understand the feeling of being let down by Bob. However, do you really think the ownership did not have a hand in this off-season? I fear we are hard on Bob, like the Quebec media is hard on all of the Habs leaders on the ice. Bob had a lot to do this offseason. Signing Komisarek and Kovalev were the biggest. I don't blame Bob for Komisarek's departure. Komisarek stated that Burke's vision was too tempting, meanwhile the 500,000 and extra year on the contract telll us otherwise. As for Kovalev, I do feel that Bob rushed this a little, however, I am not sure about the realitites on signing the other players. I mean maybe the other players had higher demand for them and Bob felt they needed to be priority? Who knows. He did the hard thing and let Koivu go as well. Second longest tenured Captain in Habs History. I don't envy Bob.

The longer I sit with the signings of Gill,Spacek, Gionta, Cammalleri, the trade for Gomez (he's over paid before we even got him) the more I begin to see a different big picture. The two signings of Moen and Mara also show a desire to have a more vetern team. Whether that's a good sign or not I am not sure as of yet. And even with todays' signings there is talk of a three way deal -no mention of with whom- but there is speculation there is a defenceman in the mix coming back to MTL. I just home O'Byrne is one of the people going. Though with Plekanec being in arbitration there's rumours abound regarding him as well. At this point Bob changed the face of the team more than any other GM in history, so, I guess that's something that he will be remembered for. We'll only be able to comment once the team has time to gel and our lil smurf line is speeding past the d of all opponents.

Give Bob a break... everyone deserves a kitkat now and then!


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      \Brenda Scully 8 years ago

      don't know much about this subject, but enjoyed reading.....