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Bode Medals In Downhill And Wescott Dominates Snowboard Cross

Updated on February 16, 2010

Mens Downhill

After the mens downhill was postponed on the opening day of competition the moment we have been waiting for is finally here. The mens downhill, Canadian style.

Bode Miller kicks ass, skis on fire and has mastered the backseat style that everyone is using to go fast. Bode skied a great downhill run putting him in the lead. This did not last long because Lund Svindal from Norway edged Bode by .07 seconds. Didier Defago from Switzerland then pushed Bode to bronze by finding 0.27 seconds to defeat the field and take the gold. The favorite was Swiss skier, Cuche Didier, who looked surprised (by throwing his arms in the air and leaning back) when his time landed him 6th. Canadian skier Robbie Dixon added extra drama by blowing through an early gate with his head. He managed to stay up and keep his feet between the gates to avoid DQ but later on he would not be able to recover as he crashed at high speed when landing off balance over a knoll. Bode finished with a bronze, 0.09 seconds behind first place. The closest finish ever in a mens alpine skiing event.

1. Didier Defago - Switzerland 1:54.31

2. Lund Aksel Svindal - Norway 1:54.38

3. Bode Miller - United States 1:54.40

Oh and by the way Lindsey Vonn and the rest of the women ski racers practiced downhill today and to add to the hype Vonn posted the fastest time of the day.

UPDATE: It is dumping at Whistler so Alpine Sking is postponed again.

Mens snowboard cross

All of the excitement of watching the mens downhill almost made me forget about the rest of the action in the 3rd day of the olympics. Seth Wescott earned back to back golds in snowboard cross. This guy dominates at a crazy sport.

Pairs Figure Skating

While following me along on my day to day olympic posts you may have noticed the absence of the mention of figure skating. And with that introduction I give you some figure skating. The figure skating started on the second day of the games with the pairs short program. On the third night the pairs long program went down and medals were awarded for the top three combined scores. This competition was sloppy as most pairs had falls or slips in their routines. Shen and Zhao from China finished with a good but not perfect long program which would be enough to take the gold. China was aided by the many mishaps of others along the way and a 5 point lead they earned in the short program. Of note: The Russian streak of 12 straight gold medals in Pairs Figure Skating ended and it was the first time China won gold and silver in pairs skating. Germany won the bronze.

One other thing. Is Morgan Freeman on call for these olympics? He is either hanging out cutting commercials right after results come through or he has a bunch of stuff in the can for NBC. Spillane and Wescott still had snow on their boots when Freeman dropped their names in all those commercials. I bet we won't hear from Freeman if Bode Miller brings home a gold. Go Olympics!

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