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Bodybuilding Exercises That Build Huge Pectoral Muscles

Updated on July 11, 2015

Building Muscle On Your Chest

Getting Sculpted Pectoral Muscles

One of the most noticeable muscles that many bodybuilders focus on are the pectoral muscles. But its important to know what it takes to build a sculpted and muscular chest. There are some exercises that can really help you build muscle faster than others, for example using chest press machines and smith machines for bench press is not going to produce the greatest results in terms of muscle gains. If you are serious about increasing muscle mass, its important to incorporate free weights because they work your muscles in a much more efficient way.

Before I get into the chest exercises that will help you reach your bodybuilding goals, its important to express the importance of stretching before you workout in order to avoid injury or muscle strain. Additionally, its very important to start lifting a lower weight rather than maxing out on your first set. As a general rule of thumb, your first set should be a weight that you can comfortably rep about 10-12 times. This allows your muscles to contract without being overexerted and it serves as a good warmup for your tendons and pectoral muscles. I have seen people injure themselves in the gym by going up to the bench press and doing too much weight on their first set and it can be very dangerous. In fact I almost suffered a pectoral injury myself when I lifted too much weight on my first set and although it was a minor injury, it prevented me from working out my upper body for almost a month. Lastly, when you are weight training make sure that you are well hydrated and that you are drinking plenty of water during your workout. Intense weightlifting when you are dehydrated only increases your chances of getting injured, and when your not drinking enough water you will not experience optimal gains. With that being said, lets start talking about some pectoral workouts that will help you build the muscle mass that you hope to gain.

Dumbbell Bench Press

The dumbbell bench press is a great workout for toning and building the pectoral muscles because it isolates every tendon and muscle during every rep and it is much more effective than using a chest press machine. If you've tried doing a dumbbell bench press before, you know that it burns a lot more than using machines and that's because your muscles are working harder to not only lift the weight against gravity, but they are also working to keep the balance. This exercise is one of my favorites because I have experienced incredible results with it. But choosing the appropriate weight is very important for this exercise so don't start with a super heavy weight, again choose a weight that you know you can rep at least 10 times. Also, it's a really good idea to have a spotter for this exercise so that if your muscles burnout - you have someone to assist you and prevent the weights from falling on you or wobbling to the side in a dangerous fashion. This exercise can also be done as an incline dumbbell press or a decline dumbbell press if you are trying to target the lower and upper chest muscles.

Close Grip Weighted Pushup

The next essential chest exercise for building chest muscle fast is the close grip weighted pushup. This exercise is fairly simple and basic, its essentially a pushup with your hands closer together than a standard pushup, but you also will have a weight on top of your back for additional resistance. The idea behind this chest workout is the fact that your inner chest is being targeted which will help you sculpt the inner muscles of the chest. This workout is also a great way to increase strength when you reach a plateau, again choose a weight that you can rep at least 10 times first. This is also a great workout to do burnouts with because when your muscles are completely fatigued you can just go back down and rest on your stomach without any weights falling on you. Yoga mats are recommended for this exercise for optimal comfort and grip.

Cable Crossover

The cable cross over is a great exercise for the upper and lower chest muscles because it targets all parts of the pectoral muscles. Not only does it create a great contraction for the chest muscles, but it also helps to stretch the outer chest muscles, which helps to promote muscle growth as well. The cable crossover exercise is perfect for warming up as well as long as you start with a low weight. The key is to do the full motion by pulling both cables in front of your chest almost to the point where your hands touch toward the end of the motion. This exercise is appropriate for not only advanced bodybuilders but also novice weight lifters. As you continue to gain strength, you can increase the weight for additional muscle gains. If you really want to feel a good burn in your muscles, try to hold the cables forward for 3-5 seconds at the end of the motion.

Chest Workouts That Create Massive Muscle Gains

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