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Bold Predictions for Wrestlemania 32

Updated on March 10, 2016

Triple Threat for the Diva's Championship

I believe this will be a Triple Threat Match between Becky Lynch, Sasha Banks, and the current WWE Diva's Champion Charlotte. Since this is going to be a Triple Threat Match it basically becomes a No Disqualification match. The girls will put on a show and I predict at least one "holy" you know what moment in the match. As much as I want Sasha Banks to win I don't see it happening here. I think Charlotte uses a chair or some other weapon to pin Becky Lynch. After this match Becky Lynch goes back down the card a little then Charlotte and Sasha Banks can have a proper one on one feud which will end with Sasha going over and becoming the new Diva's Champion.

Ryback Vs Kalisto United States Championship

Ryback vs Kalisto has worst match of the night written all over it. I happen to think this will be a dark horse for best under card match of the night. When Ryback wrestled Daniel Bryan it was an absolutely brilliant match of big vs small. These matches tend to do well when you have two really good workers trying to impress in front of 90,000 people. Ryback is in line for a push and I think Kalisto loses the title to Ryback or wins via disqualification.

Kevin Owens vs the Mid Card Intercontinental Championship

Either this contest is a Ladder Match or a Fatal Four Way. If it is a fatal four way then it will be Kevin Owens, The Miz, Dolph Ziggler, and Sami Zayn. This will be a great match regardless of which way they go. Kevin Owens needs the win here and after Wrestlemania has a proper feud with Sami Zayn. My hope would be a feud between The Miz and Kevin Owens becuase the back and fourth would be hilarious, but no way WWE goes that route since they have all but forgotten about the Hollywood A lister.

AJ Styles vs Chris Jericho

I am very exited AJ Styles is in the WWE. This feud has been one of the few feuds that they have done very well with. Jericho is a natural heel and AJ will get one of the biggest pops of the night. I have a feeling they will add a stipulation of some sort to this match. My best guess is it turns into a retirement match for Jericho. This may not be popular with some, but I believe you want to go out on top against a performer that can match your skill set. This will be a phenomenal match up between two legends of the wrestling business. Having a clear cut good guy vs bad guy match will have people loudly cheering for AJ and booing Jericho out of the building. This will go down as a classic. Straight forward good old fashioned wrestling.

Andre The Giant Battle Royal

The wrong guy won this match last year. The Big Show has no momentum and this did nothing to further any story lines or his career. This match is a jumbled mess of everybody else that WWE does not care about or want to push. Who wins? Who cares? I just pray whoever it is they actually have a legitimate plan in place for the winner. Want my guess who that is? NXT superstar Samoa Joe will win the match. On Monday Night Raw he will come out and interrupt AJ Styles and start a feud.

Dean Ambrose vs Brock Lesnar vs Bray Wyatt

This match will be a full scale brutal war and will open the show (the actual show). These three men are going to tear the house down and beat the holy hell out of each other. Don't expect a ton of dangerous spots so they can save that for the Hell in a Cell match. This needs to be a number one contenders match for the World Heavyweight Championship. My pick to win is Bray Wyatt. The Wyatt family will get involved and help Bray Wyatt win this match. Brock is on schedule to take his yearly hiatus and go home so Brock winning does not help from a story line stand point and WWE has other plans for Dean (more on that later).

Undertaker vs Shane-O-Mac

First off Mick Foley will be the special guest referee. He has so much history with Undertaker it will ad to the spectacle of this match. Shane will do a major spot in this match. It will happen and not sure where and what but it will happen. Sting has to get involved in this match to help Shane win. It will be the ultimate moment from Wrestlemania 32. A face off between the two icons in the middle of the ring. Chill bumps are going across my body as I am writing this. It may or may not set up a match at Summerslam. It all depends on Sting's health. Vince will try to get involved in this match some how. Match ends with Shane doing a coast to coast on Undertaker and therefore taking over Monday Night Raw.

Triple H vs Roman Reigns WWE World Heavyweight Championship

Roman Reigns will win this contest somehow. WWE creative really has a tough job with this one. Reigns will be booed really bad no matter what he does in this match. He is the villain in this match and Triple H will be treated like hero. Only one way this ends with the audience cheering for Roman Reigns. Enter The Shield. Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins comes in and destroys Triple H. The crowd will go crazy for the reuniting of The Shield. It gives Roman Reigns a couple of mouth pieces and he can go back to being the silent bad ass WWE Champion. Triple H can get off TV for a little while since The Authority will be no more. The Shield go on to feud with The Wyatts.This feud was awesome before and with the added Braun Strowman The Shield will be outnumbered and look like underdogs. This will give the WWE Universe time to settle in on Roman Reigns as champion, give time for Seth to heal, and set up Seth Rollins vs Triple H at Summerslam.

Guest Appearances

A lot of past Superstars have made it well known that they will be at Wrestlemania 32. What exactly they will be doing we still do not know. Shawn Michaels will be in a backstage segment with Triple H and possibly accompany him to the ring for the WWE Heavyweight Championship match. Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock will share some kind of segment. It could involve them drinking some beer and The Rock making bad jokes about Stephanie. It will be fun and a time filler for the four hour show. John Cena has to show up and do something. I hope he doesn't come out and just talk about how he will come back stronger then ever and he loves the WWE Universe and normal boring Cena stuff. Let me know what you think about my bold predictions in the comments below.

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