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Bortles, Offense Lay an Egg in Opener

Updated on September 14, 2015

The Jacksonville Jaguars drop their opening game by a score of 20-9 to the Carolina Panthers.

I wish I could stop there and say it was a great game to watch and we just came up short. I wish I could tell you all of the good things that happened in the game and we got screwed by the refs. I wish I could tell you that there was a sinkhole in the south end zone and the game has not actually finished until we can find a new stadium.

Instead, I get to speak about how the offense seemingly forgot to play. Instead, I get to speak about how horrible Blake Bortles looked on a lot of his passes AND reads. Instead, I get to speak about another pick 6.

What do you want me to say? Sitting there, on a beautiful day for football, reminded me of the last two years that I have watched this team. Hell, it reminded me of the last seven years. Who am I kidding? It was depressing to see this game end the way they all have over the years. With the Jags losing by double digits to a mediocre opponent.

Where did Preseason Bortles go?

I can tell you that walking into Everbank Field on Sunday, I was very excited to see what Bortles was going to do today. A lot of experts, including our favorite Pete Prisco, thought it was going to be the game to introduce Bortles to the rest of the league.


BB5 looked timid at times and like a rookie at other times. He was stiff in the pocket and his throws were sailing on him as he stood flat-footed. The Bortles we saw in three short outings during the preseason was not the same Bortles wearing white-on-white on the field. The Bortles we saw yesterday, was the Bortles we saw for the first half of the season last year....the one we did NOT like.

As a fan, I want to find the positive and make every excuse. It was the first game of the season jitters, right? He had receivers dropping balls, right? The Carolina offense in the second half kept the ball most of the time and he could not get on the filed, right?

No. He looked bad.

He threw his now infamous pick-6 that we saw so much of during the first half of last season. He also regressed into not making anymore throwing mistakes after said pick-6. After that, it was look at your first read...nothing there...maybe we should run. If he did look past his first read, it was to a second and it turned into an overthrow, dropped pass or one of 5 sacks on the day (four in the second half).

He looked bad.

He did not have much help from his pass catchers this game. Numerous drops and one on-air personality even pointed out three of those drops cost 60 yards. That can't help at all. You know what else doesn't help???? Forgetting you can also throw to any tight end on your team.

He looked bad and he better fix it.

BB5 on paper

22 of 40
2, 1 for TD
Jags Chris Clemons sacks QB Cam Newton
Jags Chris Clemons sacks QB Cam Newton | Source

Positives from the Loss?

That is my nature. I try to find the positives in everything. Luckily for you, not too much to read in this section:

1. Defense looked decent -- they only gave up 13 points and held the Panther offense to a minimum. They only had two sacks but didn't allow a huge play and nothing from Greg Olsen which was a focus before the game.

2. T.J. Yeldon looked good.... -- in his first major action of his career, Yeldon finished with 12 carries for 51 yards. He also had three receptions for 16 yards. The running back looked strong at times and looks to be a good fit with the offense.

3. did D-Rob -- he didn't have a lot of touches but he made the most of what he did have. Denard had 5 carries for 19 yards and two receptions for 26 yards. If this is the 1-2 punch we are going to have, we might just have something.

What are your thoughts about the Jaguars moving forward?

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What Happens Now?

Take the tape, watch it and then burn it. Start all over.

The Jaguars may be 0-1 but after that stinker of a game, maybe we do not have to count it. Let's start the Miami game 0-0 and go from there.

If fans at Everbank see another performance like this, they may be happy that there will be a long period of time without a home game. Remember, this will be the last home game until October 18th.....don't F$%& it up!


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