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Boston vs. LA Rivalry In The NBA

Updated on March 12, 2013

Green and White vs. Purple and Gold

This two teams first met in a NBA finals series way back in 1959 which the Boston Celtics defeated the Minneapolis Lakers in a dominant fashion. This NBA finals series would be the start of the greatest NBA rivalry ever witnessed by basketball fans around the world. When the Lakers moved from Minneapolis to Los Angeles in 1960 the rivalry between the two teams escalated to a higher level. During the 60's the Lakers and Celtics became the strongest teams in their respective conferences and would appear in almost all NBA finals series during that decade. The two teams would feature hall of fame players like Jerry West and Elgin Baylor for the Lakers and Bill Russell and Tom Heinsohn for the Celtics. In the 60's the two teams would meet a total of 6 NBA finals series which the Celtics won in all of those meetings. In the 70's the two teams would win multiple championships but both of the teams would not meet in a NBA finals series during that decade. During the 80's the rivalry between the two teams would be renewed mainly due to the drafting of Larry Bird for Boston and Magic Johnson for Los Angeles. The two players have a personal rivalry which was the main reason for the renewal of the "Celtics-Lakers Rivalry". The two teams would meet in three NBA finals series during the 80's which the Lakers won two NBA finals series out of those three meetings. After the retirement of Magic Johnson and Larry Bird in the early 90's the "Celtics-Lakers Rivalry" Temporarily died due to both teams experiencing rebuilding processes. The Lakers would return to prominence during the early 2000's by winning three straight titles against the Pacers, Sixers, Nets. While the Lakers were winning championships the Celtics were still trying to find a way to reclaim their prominence. In 2007 the Boston Celtics traded their young players for all-stars Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen from both the Minnesota Timberwolves and Seattle Supersonics. The Boston Celtics would then form their "Big Three" composed of all-stars Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen and Paul Pierce. During the 2007-2008 season the Boston Celtics would acquire a 66-16 win/loss record and would be the top seeded team in the NBA for that season. When the Lakers got Pau Gasol in early February via trade the Lakers crawled their way through the NBA playoffs and meet up with their rival team the Boston Celtics. Boston would go on to win the championship by defeating the Lakers 4-2. Their next meet up would be in the 2010 NBA finals where the Los Angeles Lakers are the Defending champions. The NBA finals series between the two would go up to a deciding seventh game where the Los Angeles Lakers won and took the NBA championship ring. Due to the Lakers winning that series, the Lakers are now holders of 16 titles which is still ranking second against Boston's 17 titles. After the 2010 NBA finals the Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers would not reach the NBA finals in the following two years. Due to the aging stars of both Boston and Los Angeles the current question now is "When will the two NBA teams meet up again in a NBA finals series?", the answer to that question is "We may never know".


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