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Having fun Bowling

Updated on June 8, 2012

If there is one thing I like to do is being able to help out a charity for children. So three years ago my best friend and I decided to do this charity for Big Brothers and Big Sisters, which is bowling. We are not actually a Big Brother and Big Sister but we do this charity so they can help the children that enter their program. This is the one sport that I really enjoy doing, bowling and this event helps me improve my skills because I can be a bit rusty at times.

I find myself really enjoying bowling because it isn't too hard on the body, unless you accidentally roll with the ball towards the pins. However, that has not happened yet, who would that really happen too. Or can you imagine accidentally throwing the ball behind you? That may have happened to others but I would sure get embarrassed.

One can get really excited when it comes to getting their first strike. I remember when I got my first strike that one night, I was so happy, I think I may have jumped. Who doesn't like to make strikes? Do you ever wonder players do to make all the strikes that they make? I can barely make on strike and here I see others make several strikes. But either way I am still happy with that one strike that I have made. I can remember my friend saying, I have never bowled and here she is all making strikes, either that was luck or she was hiding something. But we sure had a good time.

How many gutter balls do you have to get before giving up? Well, to others who just give up maybe one or two, but me, well I never gave up. Do you get sad when you make a gutter ball? Of course, we all may get sad but when we think we can do better the next time then it passes. There is nothing much to do except just shrug it off and continue, how many can agree with with?

Bowling is fun, when our team gets together to play, we may not be the best players but hey we get to have fun, laugh and just remember those good moments, especially when it comes to taking pictures. A lot of people may really play to win but when it comes to having fun, we can really have fun looking at how each other did.


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    • profile image

      Shawn Spencer 5 years ago

      What a fun family activity and sport. Its great for those who are serious about bowling milton and for those who just want to have an enjoyable activity. It does both. They're both good!