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Boxing: Broner vs. Escobedo or Weight vs. Money

Updated on March 25, 2013

In Cincinnati, Ohio, Saturday evening July 21, 2012, HBO presented the 12 round, WBO Super Featherweight Title Bout between Adrien Broner and Vicente Escobedo. WBO Champion Adrien Broner was overweight at Friday’s weigh-in and the bout was almost cancelled.

The hometown favorite, Broner weighed 133 pounds, three pounds over the 130 pound limit. Because Broner did not make weight he automatically relinquished his title. The challenger, Vicente Escobedo was exactly 130 pounds at weigh-in.

On Saturday morning Broner weighed 143.5 pounds. HBO reported that there was a clause in the fighters’ contract that Broner could not weigh more than ten pounds over the 130 pound limit the day of the bout. However, the fight proceeded when challenger Vicente Escobedo accepted an increase in prize fight money.

Broner is twenty two years old with a pre fight record of 23 wins, 0 loses, 0 draws and 19 knockouts. Escobedo is thirty years old with a pre fight record of 26 wins, 3 defeats, 0 draws and 15 knockouts.

Adrien Broner won the fight with a technical knockout in the 5th round. Escobedo’s corner threw in the towel and saved their fighter from a more severe beating. The fight was not much of a contest with Broner winning all five rounds. Broner is younger, faster, bigger and stronger than Escobedo. Escobedo is a highly skilled, seasoned, professional boxer but he fought a larger opponent.

At fight time Adrien Broner weighed 147 pounds, (a welterweight) and Vicente Escobedo weighed 143.5 pounds (a junior welterweight). Possibly some of the weight classes should merge because fighters are heavier than the weight divisions they compete in. Broner remains undefeated with 24 wins and 20 knockouts and will challenge in the lightweight and junior welterweight divisions.

HBO always does its best to present competitive prizefights and resolve unforeseen problems with fighters. HBO’s preliminary bout displayed the punching power of young welterweight Keith Thurman. He stopped an extremely tough Mexican fighter Orlando Lora in the 6th round of a ten round bout. Twenty-three year old Keith Thurman has a great boxing future and hopefully will return on HBO’s Boxing After Dark Program.


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