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Boxing Gloves 16 oz

Updated on March 29, 2016

Are you a pro boxer or a martial arts expert? Do you love to train and work out, stretching your muscle capabilities and body endurance? You have been training in the gym for quite some time now; you have flexed your arms while knocking a boxing bag; you’ve been covered up in some beginner boxing gear and now, you want to have more challenged and try on some heavier boxing gloves! You wonder where to start, and what to do to make your work out more challenging, especially now that you’ve passed the beginner’s trade.

Wear heavy gloves. When working out especially in boxing, the heavier the gloves are, the more strength you will gain during training. These boxing equipment comes in different sizes and form, depending on how comfortably your fists fit inside. There are some standard sizes and fits that is used for general or for starters. An average man can take up a large size that can be as heavy 14 oz or higher. If you are confident enough and can take faster yet stronger blows on a boxing bag, then you can try a boxing gloves 16oz. these could fit an amateur to mid pro boxer. This boxing glove will direct you give heavy punches with speed. If you can trains yourself with discipline, you can work out with boxing gloves that are 16 oz or higher. There are boxing gloves that can be up to 20 oz! So be sure you can carry that weight or else you’ll have strained muscles!

Choose the best boxing equipments for your work out. Also, don’t forget to use those which are appropriate for you. Don’t use something that would give you meager effects; but then don’t be too much excited in using the heave boxing equipments and jump on to heavy gear. Try to understand what you can start off with. If you’re already certain enough with your skills and is eager to move to the next level, well maybe then you can take on something heavier.

There are a lot of boxing equipments readily available on the market, but buy only the quality ones, do not use a substandard boxing gloves when you’re into hard training. These gloves may be cheap but they could cause you a lot of trouble (putting more impact in your hands because of less quality materials, for example) If you are really serious into training, buy the best ones. Go to the specialty stores that sell trusted sports equipments. It is like investing the finer quality which will give you more returns especially with your body’s stamina and strength.  Always wear protective clothing with your boxing gear. A good helmet, sturdy gloves and other add ons that will sure your safety when you’re working out. When it comes to gloves, leather gloves work the best, no matter what weight it is in. these could cost more than other gloves, but this could provide the support you’ll need for your every punch. Remember to enjoy your work out but still keep your safety in mind.

Boxing equipment, boxing gloves, boxing bag, boxing gear are all available in sport houses named with the brands you most trust. Go and see what you can do with these gears, be strong and be fit; get ready for an intense work out that is more challenging than before!


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