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Boxing: Guerrero vs. Aydin

Updated on March 27, 2013

On Saturday evening July 28, 2012 from the HP Pavilion in San Jose, California, Showtime Boxing presented the Robert Guerrero versus Selcuk Aydin bout. This match was for the WBC interim Welterweight Title.

Robert Guerrero from Gilroy, California was the hometown favorite. He was the former IBF Featherweight and Super Featherweight Champion. Due to a shoulder injury he has been unable to fight for 15 months. For this welterweight bout, Guerrero jumped two weight classes. A Showtime poll found 62% of the viewing public thought Guerrero’s increased weight would put him at a competitive disadvantage. Robert Guerrero is 29 years old with a record of 29 Wins, 1 Loss and 1 Draw.

The challenger was Selcuk Aydin from Turkey. He is 28 years old and undefeated with a record of 23 Wins, 0 Loses and 0 Draws. Aydin is a natural welterweight and a strong puncher.

This was a rough and tumble, twelve rounder. There were a few head butts by both fighters. For the first five rounds Guerrero was the more aggressive and stylish boxer. These rounds were very close but Guerrero held the advantage. By the seventh round Aydin got in some solid uppercuts that slowed down the quicker Guerrero. Round 10 was an exceptional round were both fighters threw hard body shots.

At the end of this brawl, the judges awarded Robert Guerrero with the Welterweight Title by unanimous decision. Selcuk Aydin suffered his first defeat. The Showtime announcers: Al Bernstein, Gus Johnson and Steve Farhood gave a fabulous blow by blow account of the fight.

Showtime also presented a touching segment about Robert’s wife, Casey Guerrero and her fight with bone marrow cancer.

A final note, for Olympic boxing fans, preliminary bouts are shown throughout the week on CNBC with Teddy Atlas as the commentator.


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