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Bradley vs. Pacquaio a Brief Analysis

Updated on March 25, 2013

There has been much written about the Bradley-Pacquaio WBO Welterweight Championship Bout in Las Vegas on Saturday June 9, 2012. I watched the fight on HBO three times to get my best estimate of who won the fight. I listened to HBO’s Max Kellerman’s advice and shut the sound off, viewing the fight without commentary. I listened to Nevada Judge Duane Ford’s methodology for scoring the event on Jim Lamply’s HBO program. I also had the pre-conceived notion that Tim Bradley was actually a better fighter than Manny Pacquaio.

Shutting down the sound and watching the fight in silence, the round for round scoring was very close. Pacquaio’s extraordinary defensive boxing skills kept Bradley from doing damage from any accidental head butts. Pacquaio delivered the harder punches in the bout. However, the judges did not get to see these blows in slow motion as I did on HBO. The boxing judges have to score the fight in real time. Bradley worked harder than Manny throughout the fight. The last half of the fight, Pacquaio took it easy the first two minutes of each round and fought only the last 60 seconds. I scored the fight Manny Pacquaio 7 rounds to Tim Bradley’s 5 rounds. But I watched the pugilistic event on television. The judges at ringside have a different perspective of the fight. I think the judges scored the fight honestly.

For many years there was much commotion about the Muhammad Ali/Sonny Liston fights. There were always claims that these fights were fixed. Muhammad Ali was a young Olympic champion in the youthful prime of life. Sonny Liston was a character from Hollywood “Thug Central” casting. Someone would have difficulty knocking Liston down with a baseball bat. In their first fight in Miami Beach in February 1964, Ali was clearly winning the fight. Liston’s corner put a substance on his gloves that burned Ali’s eyes but Ali prevailed. Liston was not in good physical condition and could not answer the bell for the 7th round thus Muhammad Ali became heavyweight champion of the world. In the second fight in Lewiston, Maine in May 1965, Ali did hit Liston a quick punch on the chin. Liston went down but for whatever reason, he did not feel like getting off the canvas. Maybe he wanted to collect a paycheck and take a walk. I did see Sonny Liston get knocked out in Las Vegas by Leotis Martin in June 1969.

In a mega bout like the Tim Bradley vs. Manny Pacquaio fight, there is too much money involved for the event to be fixed. Judges follow a certain methodology when scoring a fight and in the opinion of two of the three judges Bradley won a close fight.


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