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Brady Makes Goddell Look Like a Fool - Again

Updated on September 3, 2015

Richard Berman Sketch at Brady Appeal

Sketch of Judge Richard Berman at Tom Brady's Appeal
Sketch of Judge Richard Berman at Tom Brady's Appeal | Source

Cheater! Right?

Tom Brady and the New England Patriots have been labeled cheaters for years. In a previous article, I touched upon the provable facts in deflate-gate. However, even if you feel, "Where there is smoke, there is fire," Roger Goddell still overreached his position. There isn't any proof that a football that is one PSI point below regulation gives any competetive advantage to the game. In fact, the outcome of this year's AFC Championship game against the Colts proves the opposite - more points were put up by Tom Brady and the Patriots after the referees put in regulation balls. Goddell and the Well's Report sought to say that there was. They couldn't prove it.

Goddell and his cronies equated this alleged "game integrity issue" to that of using anabolic steroids. That in and of itself was a reach. When they knew this, they used Tom Brady's cell phone destruction as a decoy the make their punishment stick, at least in the eyes of public opinion.

Judge Richard Berman today rejected Roger Goddell's analogy to steroids. Berman said that Tom Brady was never made aware that if he destroyed his cell phone as he usually does, he would be punished. Finally, he ended with that even if all of this was true, Brady's punishment was outlandish considering the alleged, unprovable crime.

Goddell represents everything that is wrong with corporate America. (Yes, Yes. The NFL is a non-profit. That's another issue for another blog) He is greedy, only looking out for his own ego and paycheck, not the integrity of the game that he hides behind. Tom Brady has been playing this game for too long, and made the "non-profit" organiztion too much money, to stand back and take the heat. He was fighting for his reputation, not just to play a game. He was fighting for all of the other players in the NFL, so that they wouldn't be subject to egregious punishments such as this one. There is far more at stake here than just Tom Brady playing 4 games. Would any of us like to work for a corporation that sullied our reputation after working hard for them for years? And so publically? Again, even if you think he is guilty, would you want a quarter of you salary this year taken away for something no one can prove you did? If any good has come out of this circus, it is that organization like the NFL cannot do as they will to their employees. Workers have rights, and that is what Richard Burman ruled on today.

Tom Brady will never get his reputation back in a good portion of the country. However, those people hated him before this and this just fueled their fire. It sucks to lose, and it's easy to hate the winning team and the man who personifies it. I remember rooting for Steve Grogan and hating the Jets, por anyone else who beat the Patriots in the 1980's. It's easy to do. Look beyond your hate and look what is at stake here. Tom Brady in this case represented the everyday worker. This could be anyone of us in our work place. All of us have worked at one time or another in hostile environments. Brady's star power and stats meant nothing to Goddell and his ego. Goddell got off on his power here, and Judge Berman and Tom Brady have put him in his place.

We're on to the Steelers

Celebration over today's ruling at Gillette has most likely simmered to allow preparation for next week's season opener against the Pittsburgh Steelers.
Celebration over today's ruling at Gillette has most likely simmered to allow preparation for next week's season opener against the Pittsburgh Steelers. | Source

Going Forward: We're on to Pittsburgh

Today the NFL has stated they are appealing the ruling by Judge Berman to the second circuit federal court. There are several sources out there, particularly the, that state the majority of the owners are against this. (See article here at Goddell cannot stand to be told, "No!" He is out of control, like a spoiled child. By going forward with this, he is setting himself up to ruin his career, not just his reputation, as it is too late for that.

People argue that any press is good press for the NFL. Last year's Super Bowl had the most views in history for two reasons: People's access to media and the fact that two of the most competitive teams in NFL history made it there. Most Super Bowl's are blow outs. People tuned in to see a real game. Not to see if the balls would be deflated.

Today at Gillette Stadium there is elation. My neighbors here in Boston have been out in the streets, literally, celebrating our good fortune. Neighbors came out of our houses this morning in jubilation. Our city and team is hated because we win. We are cold and rude, I'll give you that. But we are true and honest people who love our team and our star quarterback.

Bill Belichick will not allow today's celebrations to go for long. In fact, I am sure they are already over. The Patriots are preping for a new season. Free of deflated footballs, free with our starting QB and free to raise the banner with the Super Bowl MVP on the sidelines. (The circuit court will likely take months to hear the case and the punishment, if it should be overturned, wouldn't be served until the 2016-17 season). Let's teach Goddell a lesson and ignore the further press until the next ruling. He wants you to placate his ego and say he is justified. By doing that, you are only placating the real evil empire and its delusional mastermind. New England is on to Pittsburgh and raising the Super Bowl banner in jubilation.

Labor Law

Would you fight your emplyer if they publically damaged your reputation and fined you for a quarter of your salary?

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    • BostonKata profile image

      BostonKata 2 years ago

      I completely agree Paul! Thanks for the comment!

    • Paul Edmondson profile image

      Paul Edmondson 2 years ago from Burlingame, CA

      The damage to Tom's reputation is real. But, I think Goodell's reputation will suffer the most in the long run. That's several cases lost in court in a row. A very bad record.

    • BostonKata profile image

      BostonKata 2 years ago

      Thanks Greenmind! Good luck to the Bears this season!

    • greenmind profile image

      GreenMind 2 years ago from USA

      Hah so true. I'm a Bears fan and have no love for Mr. Brady but that whole mess was such a joke and he deserves better. Great hub.