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Break Through Your Bodybuilding Plateau Now!!!

Updated on January 13, 2013
Add new mass this year naturally
Add new mass this year naturally

You've been hitting the gym for a while now, and you've seen good gains. The only problem is the gains have stopped now. You my friend have hit a plateau! This usually happens once your body gets use to a routine. While your routine may have worked well when you first started, it is probably time to give in and try something new. Don't waste your time doing the same routine week after week. Trick your muscles into growing beyond their limits naturally. If you keep your muscles guessing they will be forced to grow.

thick muscle requires work
thick muscle requires work

You will first need a whole new way of approaching your workouts. This is not just a physical change to the way you are working out, but also a mental one. Try to focus on getting the most out of your routine each and every time you step foot in the weight room. Go in with a plan that will target and fully exhaust the muscles you are trying to build that day. Dump your old routine in favor of a rotating routine. There are literally hundreds of different exercises for each muscle group. Do a quick search for bicep, chest, and back routines and you will see what I mean. Get the most out of each and every rep. If you are truly trying build an impressive physique, then you need to check your form often and leave your ego at the door. Too often I see guys in the gym trying to kill or injure themselves so they don't look weak. The best way to get big and strong is to do the lifts properly and gain your size and strength over time.

Me dragging a Naval chain
Me dragging a Naval chain

You might also try some other approaches you may have never thought of. Try throwing in some cardio classes at your local gym, or get outside and do some cross-fit. These things may not seem like fun, but they will trick your muscles because it is something new. Doing the same things you've done in the past didn't work for you. Now it's time to try some new things. Kick it into high gear. Get online and do some research. Ask someone at your gym what they are doing. Whatever you do give it your all and have fun!


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    • Necrocanis profile image

      Necrocanis 4 years ago

      I hit back and bi's hard today. What did everyone else do? :) They are already sore. Looking to hit some new growth this year.