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Breaking Down The 2012 NHL Hockey Lock-Out

Updated on January 10, 2013

2012 NHL Lock Out Information

The national hockey league is officially locked-Out, and the 2012- 2013 NHL season will not begin at its original start date witch was on October 11/2012. Many NHL hockey fans are very angry and we miss this great sport. The Players, and owners could not come to a new agreement and the NHL owners did not want to continue using the old one, Thus the NHL Hockey Players got Locked-Out

The NHL wanted to cut Profit sharing revenue from players from50% to 43%, even after the NHL association had their biggest profit gains in almost 20 years, during the 2011-2012 nhl season

Should Gary Bettman Step Down From Office.

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By By Winter Classic

Bad news for hockey fans, not only have we had to miss the start of the regular nhl 2012 season, but now me must suffer the loss of the winter classic, and also the nhl announced that games through December to the all-star break weekend is canceled. This NHL lock-out really needs to get fixed very soon, I miss hockey.

The NHL Is Back Are You Ready?

NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman and all the powers at be, finnaly came to a deal,and we will soon be seeing the NHL back on the ice. The NHL 2013 hockey season will be saved because of a 10 year bargening agreement that was concluded earlery this mounth.

Soon we will all have hockey back, i cant wait to see my favriote players,and favriote villins battle it out on the ice, for the 2013 stanley cup championship.

Past NHL Lock Out Dates

NHL Lock Out Season ( 2004-2005)

The whole season was Locked-Out, and no team was awarded the Stanley Cup.

Reason: Labor Dispute

NHL Lock-Out Season (1994)

Short 48 game season. ( no All-Star Game)

NHL Lock-Out Season (1992)

The lock out lasted only 10 days

Reason: strike

Important NHL Lock-out Dates

Sept. 23:Start of preseason

Oct. 11: Start of regular season

Nov. 23: 2012 Discover NHL Thanksgiving Showdown (Rangers vs. Bruins)

Jan. 1: NHL Winter Classic at Michigan Stadium (Leafs vs. Red Wings)

Jan 24-28:All-Star Weekend in Columbus

Feb. 17:Hockey Day in America (Red Wings vs. Wild, Penguins vs. Sabres, Bruins vs. Blackhawks, Flyers vs. Rangers)

January 9th: The 2012 /2013 NHL Lock out ends,with a half season of 48 NHL Games.


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      Avinash 2 years ago

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