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Breaking in a Baseball Glove

Updated on June 11, 2010

There are many ways to break in a new baseball glove.   Some people recommend using oils or lubricants, others say use heat or cold, while others say beat up the glove.  All of these methods work, it all depends on your preference.

To soften the leather it is recommended to use oils and lubricants.  Some oils you will want to use would include:

  • Vasaline
  • Baby Oil
  • Shaving Cream
  • Saddle Soap
  • Leather softener made for baseball gloves

I had bought a black outfielders glove and took it with me on a vacation to Myrtle Beach.  Not wanting to use oils I used shaving cream.  It was a cheap brand of shaving cream.  I rubbed the shaving cream into the palm of the glove as well as bottom corner every day for a week and massaged it every chance I had.  It was something I would do while watching television.  When I left the hotel, I would put the glove under a suitcase with some weight.  I would also throw a baseball into the glove as hard as I could repeatedly.  After a week the glove was soft and was game ready.

Another glove I had was a brown leather infielders glove.  With that I use a little bit of vasaline, but also a little bit of shoe leather softener.  Yes many will say that the oils and lubricants will soak into the glove and make it heavier, but I didn’t notice the difference.  Using the same method as my outfielders glove I was able to break in my glove within a week as well. 

If you want to develop that nice pocket, I would recommend that you place a baseball in the glove and wrap it as tight as possible.  Some glove manufacturers now make special rubber bands to wrap the gloves.  But you can use ordinary twine to do this as well.  Don’t forget to form the glove to your liking.  You need to make the glove as comfortable as possible for you to use. 

I have found that the key to breaking in a glove is to not let it dry out, massage it and mould it to your liking.  Finally, at the beginning of each season it doesn’t hurt to re-apply some oil or lubricant to the glove to soften the glove.  If you do any of the above techniques it will make breaking a glove in a lot easier. 


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