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Brian Crowle

Updated on August 20, 2016

Brian Crowle is a player, and he enjoys dodge-ball. One day, he was asked to play for company's dodge-ball team in return for a high salary of which he could not accept. He enjoyed dodge-ball but because he was always occupied on other things it was an extreme challenge.

In addition, he felt contorted due this reason.

Confused, and thoughts were running through him that he was going to get fired if he joined the team due to his multiple role-plays.

He wanted to work for the company but felt that he would embarrass himself and company if he joined the team, but he was reluctant. He wanted the high salary so could not refuse the offer either.

Giving too much thought, Brian decided to play for a round with his league-friends. During the match, something happened. It was dramatic event for Brian since it never happened before. He was paralyzed for moment letting other team win when he was almost winning. He went to see doctors, but did not help him. He lost not only self-esteem, but finance as a result.

This gave too much strain, and decision-making skills that even professional athletes have hard time passing through.


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