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How to Bridle a Horse Correctly

Updated on May 18, 2011
how to put on a horse bridle
how to put on a horse bridle

How to Put a Bridle on a Horse

Putting on a horse bridle is perhaps one of the most vital steps in knowing how to equip your horse correctly in order to ride it. How to bridle a horse effeciantley may seem very tricky and complicated at first, but once you have the basic knowledge and with a little bit of practice, you can learn how to bridle a horse in no time.

First off you need to know what type of bridle you're using for your horse. For example are you equipping a Snaffle Bridle or Double Bridle? It's important to choose your bridles wisely for you horse so that the horse is comfortable and that you can steer the horse smoothley. Assuming you've already picked your type of bridle out, now you need to now how to fit a bridle on a horse correctly.

How to Bridle a Horse

Once you haveĀ the horse reinsĀ on your horse's head so that you have control over your him, you'll need to

Step 1

Gently take one of your hands on the horse's nose so that he or she will keep nice and still. Then, begin to bring the bridle up to your horse's head.

Step 2 of How to Bridle a Horse

With the bridle in your right hand, place the bit in the palm of your left hand. Take the bridle bit and carefully put it into the mouth of the horse.

Step 3

In order to place the bridle bit in the mouth of the horse, you'll need to take the thumb from your left hand, and touch the back of the horses gums where the teeth end, where there's a gap towards the mouth crease. By doing this, your horse should naturally open it's mouth in order to place the bit for the bridle into it.

Step 4 of How to Put a Bridle on a Horse

Once the bridle bit is where it's supposed to be, take both of you hands to hold each individual side of the bridle while having in front of the horse's head area. Then, while holding the bridle in place take the bridle crowpiece and up and over the ears of the horse. Remember to always pay attention and not to let the bit move around too much in your horse's mouth, or this can hurt you horse and make him or her perhaps distrust you while putting the bridle on.

Step 5

In order for the bridle not to cause any discomfort for the horse, you'll need to separate the forelock hair aside from the mane . Take a little section of hair for where the crowpiece sits. Now bring the forelock hair over and raise the forelock clear of the bridle browband .

Step 6 of How to Put a Bridle on a Horse

With your hand placed through the horse reins , do up the throat latch, but do not fasten this piece too harshly. As long as you can fit your fingers comfortably between the horse's cheek and throatlatch, you're doing great!

Step 7

Fasten the noseband or the drop nose band by fastening below the bit bridle rings. However for specific types of bridles for certain horse sports and horse tasks where you fasten the noseband at will depend from horse bridle to bridle, although more basic bridles will generally do what I just explained to you.

Step 8 of How to Bridle a Horse

To make sure that the nose band is put on correctly, try putting a finger in between the nose band and the chin of the horse. If you can't fit your finger through, that means you fastened the bridle noseband too tight, if you're able to comfortably fit more than a finger or two between the chin and the bridle noseband, you assemble the bridle noseband too loose.

Putting a Bridle on a Horse

If you follow all of my directions with close attention and detail, you have either put a bridle on your horse correctly or have just leaned how to put a bridle on a horse ! That wasn't so bad was it? If it was, no worries, you'll soon get a hang of it. If you have a friend who's experienced with putting bridles on horses, you can always observe how your friend bridles a horse or ask her or him for a bit of horse bridling assistance.

horse bridle nosebands
horse bridle nosebands
bridle on a horse
bridle on a horse

How to Bridle a Horse & How to Fit a Bridle on a Horse Correctly

Fitting Horse Bridles

When fitting horse bridles you need to know before hand that the bridle fits correctly whether it be a Cob Size, Pony Size, or Full Size Bridle.

The Snaffle Bridle

The Snaffle Bridle is a great option for those who are in basic horse training or are performing general horse sports and horseback riding activities. In many cases the nose band is not required to fit the horse , but in case of a horse having a large or long head, fitting the noseband of the snaffle bridle will appear more attractive on the horse. If you want to have more control over the horse then try changing your horse bridle bit. However, make sure not to choose a bit too strong or it can hurt the horse, but if the bridle bit is too weak, you won't be able to control your horse.

The Double Bridle

The Double Bridle bears many similarities to the Snaffle Bridle, but there are still a few important differences between the two. Unlike Snaffle Bridles, Double Bridles give you the option over using to horse bits at once thanks to an extra sliphead. This also means you can optionally use two horse reins at once. The Double Bridle only has a cavesson noseband, opposed to the wide range of nosebands that may be used with Snaffle Bridles.


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    • Miss Lil' Atlanta profile image

      Miss Lil' Atlanta 7 years ago from Atlanta, GA

      Thanks dahoglund,

      I'm glad to know that maybe some of my horse hubs can maybe help you out with your stories.

      And that's awesome that you write about horses! I haven't read that many horse related stories lately, but for a while I used to read them all the time.

      I actually just went to your page and realized that you write a good number of horse related stories, so I'm going to go check out some those today!

      I'll let you know what I think after reading them. :)

    • dahoglund profile image

      Don A. Hoglund 7 years ago from Wisconsin Rapids

      Good information. I don't ride but I do write stories that sometimes involve horses.