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Bringing Kane Back With His Mask is a Wise Decision

Updated on March 24, 2012

Kane is a Monster Again

The return of the Masked Kane on the December 12 edition of Monday Night Raw was a much-needed progression for the WWE. With very few characters, other than maybe Mark Henry, creating a menacing fear amongst other superstars and fans alike, it’s refreshing to see the real Big Red Monster “resurrected”.

Ever since Kane was unmasked in 2003, his real element of terror and domination hasn’t been the same. Sure he’s been in some intense rivalries and done some heinous things (like setting J.R. on fire), but his overall persona has been mostly weak, especially in the last couple of years. Rather than maintaining his character as one of mystery and dominating horror, he had been reduced to a very non-threatening status, almost to the point where he could have been considered a joke. Not only was his physical appearance and character weak, his in-ring performance dwindled. Instead of being a powerhouse that very few people could overcome, he was downgraded to someone who was often easily beaten and even easily injured. The aura of intimidation was virtually gone and the character of old, with his terrible mask, black glove, and seemingly supernatural power, had disappeared.

A big part of the WWE’s product has always been about creating substantial characters, oftentimes overtly colorful individuals that are full of energy and fan’s appreciation. Even that aspect, however, isn’t quite the same anymore in the company’s product. With the exception of wrestlers like Zack Ryder and CM Punk and of course the larger athletes like Big Show and Mark Henry, there are very few superstars that have a physical appearance combined with an in-ring appearance that creates, overall, one hell of an unforgettable entity. Having Kane return with his revived persona and a new, macabre mask was an excellent decision by WWE. He also appears, by what we’ve seen so far, that his dark power has returned as well. Now we have a character who adds an element of horror to the programming, a character who, in my mind, resembles a psychotic killer like Leatherface from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Many of the type of people who are fans of pro-wrestling are also big fans of such horror icons, so it makes things more interesting to see that type of character incorporated into the WWE storylines. It simply adds a much-needed element of suspense to the current product.

With all that being said, it was certainly a wise move for the WWE to create this angle and unleash the awe and shock-factor that the unstoppable and hideously masked Kane has to offer.

Kane's New Entrance

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