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British Open Golf 2010- The Course Strikes Back

Updated on July 18, 2010

British open - Sunday 18 July

THe battle between the tournament leader louis Oosthuizen and Paul Casey seem to be taking an interesting turn. After the amazing lead that louis built up on saturday (-15), Sunday was going to be interesting. Paul Casey showed that he was upto the challenge and made a move with a birdie on the sixth to move within 4 shots of Louis. With Louis making a bogey on and dropping to -14, the difference between the leaders came down to three. However a superb eagle by louis on the ninth and a par on the same by paul took the difference back to 5.Tiger finished with -3 for the championship, not quite what he had in mind considering his strong showing in the previous tournaments, but, just too bad. St Andrews got the better of him.

The key point is that after the prolific scoring by most players on Day 1, the conditions at the course seem to get tougher and tougher. The scores have been dropping with players managing only pars or at best -2. Its almost as if the course has a life of its own and decided to show the players who is the boss and that they cant take it for granted. The North sea breeze really made life tough and the beautiful undulations on the course made mockery of the players shot accuracy. Well, signing off, Casey just missed another birdie on the 10th by a whisker. Attribute it to the wind. St Andrews, I love you. What a course!!! For more details visit


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