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Brooks Adrenaline GTS Review - Brooks Running Shoes

Updated on July 25, 2011

Brooks Adrenaline Running Shoe for Men and Women

I love the Brooks Adrenaline so much I had to write a review. I am on my second pair and after owning about 10 different pairs of women’s running shoes, the Brooks Adrenaline takes the cake! I sold running shoes for a little over two years and came to learn what really made a good shoe.

What I love about the Brooks Adrenaline:

1. Never goes flat! Brooks running shoes use a small hard plastic pouch which contains a liquid substance in the heel of the sole to provide cushion and absorb shock. You can not see this inside the shoe, but it is there. Don’t worry, the pouch will never pop and is virtually indestructible in its position in the sole of the shoe.

2. Brooks shoes have some of the best support in the marketplace for stability (motion control) for runners who pronate. The Brooks Adrenaline has motion control support for neutral runners and runners who are flat-footed and need the stability and support in running shoes. Starting at the heel and moving through the inside of the foot, the sole’s material becomes more dense for support in the most appropriate areas. Runners who pronate need the stability, this provides resistance for when the runner rolls the inside of their foot too far. The stability in the shoe does not have any relation to the inside of the sole. Stability shoes cater to runners with flat feet, so the inside of the shoe does not have an uncomfortable arch.

3. Brooks running shoes go the miles! The material on the of the Adrenaline is made out of the same rubber many tires are made of. The bottom of the sole lasts forever and never wears out faster than the other parts of the shoes. A runner can expect for the Brooks Adrenaline for men and women to last the longest compared to other running shoes.

4. This shoe is on a “medium” level of support. Runner’s who have high arches and do not over-pronate should lean toward a shoe that focuses on a cushioning. Runners with more severe pronation would need to look at a shoe like the Brooks Beast which provides the maximum amount of support and stability. The Brooks Adrenaline has mass appeal because neutral runners and those who are flat-footed will run great in it.

5. Brooks shoes have excellent quality. While working in a sports store, I never had a return on a brooks running shoe. Returns mainly came from Nike for poor quality. Brooks shoes are traditionally sold at better sports stores with a more extensive selection of shoes. If a retailer does not want to return your shoe, Brooks will authorize a return for you per their terms thru

6. There are two versions of the shoe: The Brooks Adrenaline GTS (“go-to-shoe”) in the traditional design. This is a “go-to-shoe” for everyone. The Brooks Adrenaline ASR is an “all-season-runner” for those who need an all-weather shoes for multiple seasons. This allows for the shoe to be a fit for many types of runners.

7. Soles of Brooks shoes including the Adrenaline are environmentally friendly and biodegradable as well.

Find Running Shoe Sales

I have recommended the Brooks Adrenaline and other Brooks running shoes to my friends and have given pairs as gifts to friends and family members. Suggested Retail is $105 for more recent models, but you don’t have to pay full price. If you are seeking sale running shoes, look for last year’s models because it has the same essential benefits. When you buy last seasons shoes at end-of-season sales the biggest difference is the color. The latest models may be updated with small modifications but the overall design and feel is relatively the same.

If your running shoes are too small or you have not been sized in a while, order shoes 1/2 in of room of room at the toe will prevent rubbing.

Check out running shoes online at sites like for sales. Sites like these combine inventory from multiple online retails.

Brooks Adrenaline Running Shoe


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    • MOORESHOES profile image

      MOORESHOES 6 years ago from USA

      I really love this shoe review!

    • Ellen_C profile image

      Ellen_C 8 years ago

      Thanks for the comment, I agree with you there are sales people who work very hard even if they are not paid on commission and it would be a pain to be a customer who wasted their time. There are also some stores that are self-service and provide the chance to try on pairs to see how they feel. Many people will buy at that point and do not want to spend time searching online, or customer service is poor and they choose to spend money at another location.

    • profile image

      Fred 8 years ago

      I have an ethical issue in going to a running store and trying on a shoe, then going home to order it. I tend to support my local merchants that sponsor events, donate money to local races etc etc. If you want to do the online thing, then order multiple shoes from then return the pairs you do not want. Don't take advantage of the local guy. Bad ethics.