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Browns new Defensive Coordinator Gregg Williams attacking style and 4-3 scheme might just be what Cleveland's D needs.

Updated on January 30, 2017

The Browns brain trust of Haslam, Brown, DePodesta and Jackson with a 1-15 season record made a good and necessary move when they hired Gregg Williams as their new Defensive Coordinator to replace Ray Horton who was rightfully fired after his second go-around in Cleveland.

Horton's defensive squad was ranked 31st out of 32 teams and allowed a whopping 452 points = to a 28.25 point average per game which was 2nd worst in the NFL. Only the 49ers allowed more points (480) for the 2016 season.

Horton was the Browns Defensive Coordinator in 2013 and didn't fair much better when his defense allowed 406 points and the team finished 4-12.

Gregg Williams, 58 is a straight-up, no nonsense Defensive Coordinator who often employs a 4-3 defensive scheme. He may best be known for his role in "Bountygate" while he was with the Saints in 2012. His defensive player were encouraged to hurt opposing players via late hits as well as target previous injury areas of the body of opponents for bonus money. For his role, he was suspended indefinitely and reinstated in February of 2013 by NFL Commissioner Rodger Goodell.

In 2014 he was hired by Jeff Fisher as Defensive Coordinator of the St. Louis, now LA Rams. In 2016 his defense allowed 394 points = 24.6/points per game.

Williams brings 20+ years of NFL coaching experience including serving as a Head Coach of the Bills from 2001-2003 finishing with a 17-31.

Overall, I like this move as the Browns add some spice and experience via a not so nice as Hue Jackson coach. This partnership could very well work. Bland and nice is not a winning combination in the very physical NFL. Spice may be just the ingredient the 1-15 Browns need to move win more games.

With LB Jamie Collins now signed for four more years and Cleveland having the #1 overall pick which many expect them to draft either Texas A&M's DL Myles Garrett or Alabama's DE Jonathan Allen coupled with new hire Williams as DC, Browns' defense is bound to improve.


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