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Browns GM John Dorsey was hired to find them a franchise QB. Who will he select in Round 1 with the 1st or 4th pick?

Updated on April 18, 2018

The 2018 NFL Draft is finally fast approaching, just 8 days away Who will the worst team in the NFL in 2017 (Browns) select with their two precious 1st round picks at 1 and 4?

Former Chiefs GM John Dorsey who came to the Cleveland Browns with a winning record (43-21 = .672 winning percentage) has the luxury of having two 1st round picks (1st and 4th) and three 2nd round picks.

It certainly won't be a surprise if the 2017 (0-16) Browns draft a QB with the coveted 1 overall pick. If so, many expect them to select the 20-year-old QB from USC Sam Darnold who NFL HOFer Chris Carter calls a dude.

Sam Darnold (6' 4", 220) threw 26 TDs vs. 13 INTs for 4143 yards on a USC team that finished 11-3. He's said to have the most up-side.

He recently had his pro day and threw well and in the rain to boot. In attendance was Browns Owner Jimmy Haslam who apparently liked what he witnessed.

He is known to have a linebacker type mentality and comes from a hard-working middle class background which would me a good match for Cleveland.

However, NFL Draft guru Mel Kiper still believes via his Mock Draft 3.0 it will be Josh Allen the big AFC North sized QB at 6'5, 233 from Wyoming with the rock arm . That strong arm could easily handle the swirling winds off Lake Erie. That could be the difference maker.

Allen this season threw 16 TDs vs. 6 INTs with a QBR of 127.8. The year before Allen threw 28 TDs to 15 INTs. Some skeptics question the level of competition of Wyoming's program. However, Carson Wentz has proven that theory wrong.

With the 4th pick, it will likely be best player available. If RB Saquon Barkley is still available he's the most likely choice, but the Giants with the 2nd pick are expected to snatch Barkley or a QB to eventually replace an aging Eli Manning who's 37. Don't rule out NC State's DE Bradley Chubb (6' 4", 269) who many say is as good a prospect as Myles Garrett.

Factoring in the multiple trades the Browns made and the free agent signings and considering the recent retirement announcement of future Hall of Fame OT Joe Thomas after 11 seasons, who in-fact will Cleveland draft in Arlington Texas on April 26th with their precious 1st and 4th pick in Round 1?

There's other factors as well such as will Buffalo be able to trade-up possibly to secure to the 2 selection via making a deal with the Giants.

After acquiring their bridge QB Tyrod Taylor who comes with a winning record as a starter (22-20) with the Bills and trading for Miami's WR Jarvis Landry who was the NFL's leading receiver with 112 catches for two draft picks a 4th round pick in 2018 and a 7th round pick in 2019 as well as trading for the Packers CB Damarious Randall a 2015 1st round pick for QB DeShone Kizer.

On the last day of free agency they signed 49ers running back Carlos Hyde to a 3-year deal worth $15 million plus. With that in mind do they still draft the highly touted Penn State RB Saquon Barkley?

Gone are RB Isaiah Crowell who signed a 3-year deal withy the Jets and DT and former 1st round pick Danny Shelton who was drafted 12th, went to the Pats for a 2018 Browns 5th round pick. Browns get Patriots 3rd round pick in 2019.

Many are calling the best available player in the draft RB Saquon Barkley (5' 11", 228) who helped Penn State finish 11-2. He rushed for 1271 yards scoring 18 TDs, averaging a whopping 5.9 yards a carry and was most impressive at the NFL combine.

Despite many draft experts predicting Browns will select either Sam Darnold or Josh Allen, there is some speculation they could pick Baker Mayfield the slightly over 6' QB who has is considered a winner with an electric personality.

Mayfield had a great 2017 season; throwing 43 TDs vs. 6 INTs for a whopping 4877 yards. In his 4-year college career, including his first 8 games at Texas Tech, he posted big numbers; 131 TDs vs. 30 INT throwing for 14607 yards.

By getting Tyrod Taylor in a trade, they speed-up the rebuilding process to quickly alleviate the pain of their long-suffering fans. Now with an experienced QB they will likely more than triple the Browns win total since 2016. As a result, Cleveland will have the luxury of being be able to ease-into a game the QB they draft.

If the Browns do in-fact select Barkley with the 1st overall pick, Baker Mayfield who is attracting more interest from a variety of teams, could possibly be the QB they select with the 4th pick. Even at 4, there is expected to be a few good quality QBs remaining.

With Cleveland's flurry of trades plus signing of RB Carlos Hyde for 3-years at $15 million, Browns GM John Dorsey and his new front office are already showing the league they are going all out to win games ASAP.

I predict the Browns (as expected all along) will select QB Sam Darnold and Barkley at 4 that is if the Giants don't draft him first. If not Barkley, then NC State's DE Bradley Chubb would be the likely choice. To think of the havoc that him and former #1 pick Myles Garrett would create for opposing QBs is enticing.


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    • jameswritesbest profile image

      jameswritesbest 7 months ago

      Larry, I pretty much agree. However, Browns offensive line has been improved via free agency and they have a pretty good running back in Crowell.

      It's their defense that should be much improved and keep them in most games. They drafted the #1 overall pick in DL Myles Garrett and Peppers. That coupled with a new in-your-face, veteran defensive coordinator in Greg Williams should make them semi-competitive. Granted DeShone Kizer is a rookie QB. He has talent, potential, arm strength and size, but also has a lot to learn. This all equates to maybe a 4 or 5 win season which will be much improved over just 1 win in 2016. Thank you for your comments.

    • SportsGuy65 profile image

      Larry Seely 7 months ago from Merimbula, New South Wales Australia

      Cleveland have more issues than just who's behind center, but in saying that, starting a rookie is never a great sign. The Cowboys have a great back and offensive line, something the Browns don't have and that will spell another poor year for the fans and team in 2017.