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Building a Golf Net

Updated on November 17, 2013

Specifications for Your Own Golf Net

Golf nets are available in a number of sizes and the one that you buy or set up would depend on the space that you have available for it. You can even set up golf nets in a room or basement as long as the height available is sufficient. Golf nets also come made up of various materials, and the thing you need to look at is the ease with which it can be built and taken down. Some people may prefer not to take down the golf net once it is set up, but if the net is in the backyard, it would get exposed to the sun, and the materials that make up the net are likely to deteriorate thus reducing the life of your net and requiring it to be replaced quite often. So a net that can be taken down and stored away is the one you should be looking at. The smaller size nets require just a couple of minutes to set up or take down and rarely require more than one or two persons to do the job.

A basic net configuration would have fiberglass or metal (generally stainless steel) poles that fit into each other with pre-molded fittings and get assembled into the basic framework that makes up the golf net. The nets are made of nylon mesh that is long lasting and has a mesh dimension of 25 mm by 25 mm. A golf ball is just a little smaller than 43 mm in diameter so the mesh proposed should easily stop balls going through. Just to make sure you can always add a back drop safety feature so that even very wild shots that miss the net altogether are captured before they get into the neighbor’s yard or onto the road. An overhanging top is also suggested if you want additional safety. Sizes of golf nets are within 3 meters by 3 meters by 3 meters though you can opt for a wider one with a 6 meter width. The nets would have clamps or other fixing devices to pin the mat to the frame or ground.

Place your golf net in the backyard or room so that you have enough space for a golf mat in front of it. You need at least a couple of meters for this. Your golf mat should have its own rubber tee so that you are actually practicing in real conditions as would exist on a golf course. Golf mats come in various sizes, and the one you choose should suit the size of your net, the size of your yard, and your own preference.

Setting Up the Golf Net

Once you have the area in your backyard marked out for the golf net, make sure that the area is clear of all materials, fairly level and in a position that does not endanger your own property or that of the neighbor through mishit balls. Make sure that there are no tree branches or other fixtures that would come in the way of your golf net once it is set up. Garden lights are a common feature in backyards and need to be removed or put in safe places. Most good nets would have their own base which makes it very easy to set up. Place the net so that it is at least half a meter away from garden walls. In case your chosen net does not have this base, you would need to first set up the base configuration of the fiberglass of steel poles on the ground and anchor them to the ground with pegs or clamps as suggested by the maker of the tent. Then erect the other vertical poles until you have the correct shape as indicated in the diagrams. Then place the net over this frame, using the clamps all over to secure the net firmly to this base structure. Nets should be loose enough so that there is no rebound. And there you have your net ready for use. Place the golf mat about 3 to 5 meters away from the net, get out those golf clubs and the golf balls, and start swinging.

Additional Features for the Golf Net

Some golf nets come with a ball retrieval mechanism or gutter in the base. Then all your practice balls get gathered at one point for easy retrieval.

Target images can be put up on the golf net so that you have something to aim at during practice.

Screens are also available which would allow you to project golf course images from a video projector.


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