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Building a Portable Kayak Stand

Updated on November 4, 2011

Building a Kayak Stand

Whether you need a kayak stand for storage or as a kayak workbench, building one is quick, cheap and easy. This will guide you on building a basic stand, and from there it's open to modification. Here's what you need:


PVC- Two 10' lengths of 2" PVC.

2" PVC Elbows-You'll need eight of these.

PVC Glue- Smallest can of quick drying (blue stuff).

5" long hex head bolts with nuts- 3/8" the kind that are smooth near the head and threaded at the ends. You need two of these.

3" long hex head bolts with nuts- 1/4" same as above, except you need four.

3/8" Washers- Large diameter with 3/8" hole. You need 6 of these.

1/4" Washers- Same as above, except you need 12.

Cord, Rope, Straps- You can use nylon strapping, sturdy rope or cord. This is what the kayak rests on. Whatever you use, you'll need four feet of it, or eight if you double it up. I recommend doubling up for rope or cord and binding the ends.


Saw- Hand saw works fine

Tape Measure


Drill Bits- 5/16" and 7/16" (You can use 1/4" and 3/8" but you'll need to "round out" the holes for the bolts to fit)


  1. Cut your PVC to eight 2.5' sections
  2. Build one square by gluing the lengths into the elbows. With PVC glue you put glue on both sides of the joint. Don't build the second square yet!
  3. Drill holes. (see pics)
  4. Build THREE sides of the next square.
  5. Put one side of the three-sided piece into the four-sided square, like you're connecting two chain links. (see pics of completed stand)
  6. Glue the fourth length on the three sided piece. The squares are now interlocked.
  7. Drill the same holes as the first square.
  8. Insert 5" bolt into middle holes using three washers. (see pic)
  9. Cut your rope, strap, whatever to 24" lengths.
  10. Install them with the 3" long bolts in the holes you drilled in the elbows. (see pic)
  11. Fin!


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    • profile image

      quatin 7 years ago

      I built the stand with these directions. However, the bolts were too short. I believe there are different thickness in PVC pipes and mine happened to be thicker. I had to buy 5 1/2'' long hex bolts. and 3 1/2'' long hex bolts. 3'' long hex bolts works if you don't drill through the elbows, but ideally that's where you want to have the rope.

    • profile image

      Doug S 8 years ago

      I built a kayak stand according to these directions. I'm very happy with it. As things go, I made one minor change and that was adding a piece of rope to the bottom of the stand. This keeps the stand from opening a maximum amount (which is less than the straps on the top). It leaves you with a nice cradle in the straps (which I also moved to inside of the elbow corners).

      My only other suggestion is to possibly build the stand out of lighter/thinner PVC. Depending on the kayak, you may not need the beefiness that 2" PVC gives you.

      Thanks for the hub! It was a great start for me.