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How Do You Build a Winter Snowman?

Updated on February 6, 2011

Frosty the Snowman

Winter might stink but building a snowman can be fun!
Winter might stink but building a snowman can be fun!

Building a Snowman is So Much Fun!

Building a snowman can be a blast no matter what your age. Whether you're 6, 16, or 76 you can release your creativity, get some exercise, and entertain friends, family and neighbors with your snowman. When the Winter season is upon us, not only can we get involved in many winter activites, but we can also have fun with the neighborhood children, or adult friends, getting together and making a snowman. You will need at least a couple of inches of snow to make the perfect snowman. The perfect type of snow for your snowman is the heavy, wet snow. Fine powdery snow is difficult to form into a snowball.


Not sure I would go out with shorts; maybe more like a huge snowsuit, boots, and earmuffs!
Not sure I would go out with shorts; maybe more like a huge snowsuit, boots, and earmuffs!

Instructions for Building your Snowman

However you choose to build your snowman, the results will be perfect!  After all, it's your creation and perfection is relative.  You could even choose to build other snow animals.    Here are instructions to build the perfect snowman!  1.) Start by scooping and rolling the heavy snow and if it sticks to itself, it's the perfect type of snow for snowballs and snowmen! Roll snow over and over itself until you have a desired size for a base. Once you've got a 'big' snowball, pack the snow to make a firm ball. To secure the big snowball snowman bottom, pack snow around the bottom edge at the ground.

2.) Roll another big snowball, but smaller than the first. This one will be your snowman's middle. Once you've got it about desired size, pick it up and set it on top of the base snowball. Again, pack the snowball to make a firm, round snowball.

3.) Roll yet another snowball for the snowman's head. Make it about half the size of the bottom base, so the snowman body looks proportionate. Always make sure to pack a little bit of snow between each section to secure the snowballs, otherwise Snowman might topple.


Accessories for Your Snowman

4.) Now comes the fun part. Accessorize! Accessorizing your snowman is entirely an act of personal creativity and preference. Hunt around inside and out for items such as hats, scarves, mittens or gloves, and other accessories. Also find items that which would work for buttons, eyes, nose and mouth. You could use sticks for arms, a carrot, a large button, or even a funny shaped rock would work for the snowman's nose. The mouth can be a rounded stick, a line of rocks, or even a piece of fabric or felt. Use large buttons, rocks, or even berries for his buttons. You could even use pieces of fruit! Adorn your Snowman with a scarf, hat, mittens, pipe, or jacket. Any fun ways you can think of to decorate your snowman will be sure to please happy passers-by. You can even buy a 'Snowman in a Box' complete with nose, eyes, hat, scarf and buttons! Have fun and enjoy building your unique winter snowman!


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