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Building cheap traps for Fish, Shrimp, Snakes, Crayfish, also called Crawfish, or Crawdads

Updated on July 31, 2015


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A trap for Fish, Shrimp, Crawfish, Crayfish, or Snake Trap

Items needed for the fish trap above cost around $9 (not counting tools)

  • One roll of chicken wire of fine mesh wire.
  • One roll of wire for lacing up the chicken wire
  • A cutter to cut the wire
  • One pair of gloves to keep from getting cut
  • One prefab hook or stiff wire to make a latch

How to Make a Pillow Trap for Crayfish ( Crawfish, Crawdads) For Under $3 Each.

Our 2nd trap needs

  1. First we take a roll of plastic chicken wire from a hardware store. We will also need some zip ties, also called cable ties or wire ties. Last but not least we need a stiff wire. A cloth hanger will work for the stuff wire if you have one handy.
  2. I rolled out 36 inch of the chicken wire and cut it off. Roll it back and over lap only two to three holes. Use the tip ties on every other hole down to hold the trap together, and then every forth hole on the way back. Extra zip ties can be used if desired.
  3. Bend in the two corners at one end of the pillow trap and zip tie the middle. See video for details and better understanding of what I am talking about.
  4. On the other end we zip tied only half of the opening. For the other half we made our own latch out of an old cloth hanger.

Testing the trap

Testing a trap

My girl had a lot of fun testing out the first trap we made. The last pull we had 34 fish. I don't know what she like more, catching the fish or throwing them back.

What kind of trap do you use?

Do you currently use a trap and did you make it yourself?

© 2015 Jason Roush


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