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Butterflies, Andy Warhol and the Reds at the Plate

Updated on October 14, 2012

Butterflies, Andy Warhol and the Reds at the Plate

by Robb Hoff

July 13, 2012

The Butterflies of the World exhibit at the Krohn Observatory is quite an experience. An epiphany of the winged marvels dance throughout their showroom, revealing their intricacies up close as they land on the variety of flora to revitalize themselves for their brief but dazzling display in this world.

The Krohn Observatory is one of the hidden treasures in Cincinnati that features more than just its annual airborne cavalcade of butterflies. The display of cacti, orchids, bonsai and tropical fruit and bean plants through an intimate path is quite serene and educational.

Another Cincinnati treasure tucked away in aptly named Eden Park is the Cincinnati Art Museum. The breadth of the artwork from antiquities and Dutch Masters to Impressionist and Abstract masterpieces is impressive within the museum's own artful edifice.

But it wasn't the Picassos, Marc Chagall's "Red Rooster" or the Frederic Remingtons within the museum labyrinth that most impress me.

It was Andy Warhol's commissioned work of Pete Rose that hovers like an uncut sheet of four baseball cards in the contemporary wing of the museum that is most impressive.

As the afternoon unwound and the time to depart the museum arrived, I hit rush hour traffic with the Pete Rose Warhol imprinted upon my mind, knowing I wanted to take the turn down to Great American Ballpark for Friday night's clash set between the Cincinnati Reds and the St. Louis Cardinals.

But I merged into the Interstate crawl instead to make my way back home.

Now that the game is ready to start, I'll be watching -- partly ready for the Reds to assert themselves for the second half of the season with a win over the Cardinals tonight and partly thinking about what could have been because the fall of Pete Rose from baseball grace was an unfitting end to a Cincinnati legend and a farce on the part of Major League Baseball.

But baseball is back in Cincinnati and thriving despite the small-market odds against it that organized baseball does its best to prevent from happening by guaranteeing Wall Street gets the nod over Main Street with economics that have nearly destroyed the sport for many, many fans.

So at least for a few more years, the Reds are poised to compete for the glory that once came routinely but has been scarce since the team and city's favorite son was banished and the Wall Street dynamics poisoned the game that is at the very heart of the city.


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