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Buy A Camping Light & Lantern Online

Updated on March 23, 2010

When you are out camping it gets very dark at night. I have been to some campsites that I can hardly see my hand in front of my eyes. Lightening is an important essential when out camping. I have been camping for over 26 years and have found that everyone should have their own flashlight and a lantern or two for the campsite itself. Nothing worse than tripping over a piece of wood for the fire and falling when you can't see a thing. I always have 2 or more flashlights over the recommended one flashlight per person. That way when and if your batteries run out you always have a spare. Some flashlights are better than others and believe me when I say after 26 years of camping I have tried many different kinds. I have found that a flashlight that uses a 6 volt battery are usually brighter and last longer. Of course flashlights that use a 6 volt battery are larger flashlights and you may not prefer that. Whatever your taste there are many many different kinds to choose from.

There are several different kinds of lanterns, some with florescent bulbs and some that have mantles and use liquid fuel. My personal favorite is the liquid fuel lanterns because they are so much brighter and when you are cooking after dark, seeing is imperative. Whatever your choice there are many different kinds on the market.

6 Volt Flashlights

Eveready is a popular well known brand of flashlight. This flashlight is bright and easy to carry. A good buy.

Industrial Lantern is another good 6 volt flashlight. You really can't go wrong with a 6 volt flashlight.

The Rayovac 6 volt flashlight is a great one for fisherman because it floats. So if you are out fishing in a boat this flashlight is ideal.

The 12 pack 6 volt battery is a bit less expensive than buying your batteries separately.

Non 6 Volt Battery Flashlights

The Mag-Lite Flashlight is an outstanding flashlight. It's bright and very heavy duty, can withstand dropping and misuse. A great buy.

The Neiko Giant Light is very very bright for such a small flashlight, great for backpackers as it takes up very little room. It's only 4 inches long. It also comes with a canvas belt holster for easy access.

The Smith & Wesson is a very familiar brand name and this flashlight has regular light but also has a red light for seeing in the dark without losing your night vision.

The Gerber Ultra Task Flashlight is a military grade flashlight that emits a powerful 30 foot beam. A great flashlight for seeing on a very dark night.

Battery Operated Lanterns

The Coleman StormBeam Dynamo Lantern actually uses no batteries, its a crank lantern, crank for 1 minute and get 15 minutes of light. Also comes with a built in radio and the 6 most common cell phone adapters for recharging your phone. A wonderful idea in this age of cell phones.

The Coleman 8D Family Size LED Lantern runs on 8 D batteries, and includes Low, High, and Nightlight settings.

The Brunton Polaris LED Lantern runs on 3 C Batteries and emits 360 degrees of natural light.

The GE SteelBeam Hybrid Lantern has an energy efficient ballast for up to 22 hours of battery life. It also has a steel hook for convenient hanging.

Liquid Fuel and Propane Lanterns

The Coleman 1 Mantle Kerosene Lantern is an outstanding lantern. I have one and it's the brightest light for your campsite.

The Coleman 2 Mantle Dual Fuel Lantern with Carrying Case uses both camping fuel or unleaded gas. The 2 mantle design is very bright and it's great for your campsite lightening. Comes with a protective carrying case.

The Coleman 2 Mantle Lantern attaches to a propane bottle for quick use. The lantern can run about 8 hours on one bottle of propane.

The Century Portable Propane Single Mantle Might-Lite Lantern uses a propane cylinder and adjusts from dim to bright light. Include a chain for easy hanging.


The Black Diamond Gizmo Headlamp is great for the fisherman who needs both hands to tie a knot and needs to see.

The Petzl 4 LED headlamp is great for when you need handsfree light and is great for biking in the dark as well.

The Energizer Hard Case Professional 4 LED Headlight is great because it secures to your head better than some headlamps and is water resistant. Comes with a life time warranty.


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