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Buy A Mess Kit Online

Updated on June 18, 2011

The Perfect Mess Kit

When looking for a decent mess kit, it shouldn't be complicated.

Lets be perfectly honest. A mess kit is not a high precision piece of equipment. The whole reason you venture into the great outdoors is to get back to basics and enjoy the sights and sounds of the natural world.

What you are looking for is a simple, reliable collection of goods to make eating as painless as possible. A mess kit needs to be tough, easy to clean, lightweight and uncomplicated. That's about it. You don't want to be taking any extra weight or unnecessary equipment. The longer you are going to be away, the more important this will be. A mess kit doesn't need to look pretty, it just needs to do the job.

Mess Kit Features

What To Consider When Buying A Mess Kit

1) How Many People?: You can get a mess kit for one person or 6. If you have various trips with different numbers, the primary cooking pots will define the flexibility of any mess kit.

2) Material: this is where weight vs performance comes into play. What is most important to you? Plain aluminum is lightweight but hard to clean. Stainless steel is harder but heavier and a non-stick coating adds weight but make clean up so much quicker. What about tough yet light Titanium?

3) Composition: How many components do you need? A Pot and Fry Pan are the basics - do you need more than one and in multiple sizes. Does one handle fit every vessel?

4) Cost: Performanceand flexibility come at a cost. The more frequently you will be using a product, them more you will be willing to pay for it. For the occasional user, the inexpensive product is King.

Economical Mess Kit

 You get what you pay for but if you don't need much, why pay a lot?

If you just need the basics, this comes with a fry pan, pot with lid, bowl and cup. Basic Aluminum but also only $10.

A great budget option.

Mess Kit With Utensils

 This 2 person kit also includes utensils made of extremely durable plastic. Still economical, this is perfect to kit out a couple off on a weekend camping trip or longer.

Mess Kit for A Crowd

With three pots, two fry pans and even an eight cup coffee percolator, this is the mess kit to keep the masses happy.

Breakfast coffee is sure to be a highlight and everything can fit into the largest pot with the bigger of the two fry pans as the cover. 6 plates and cups are included making this the complete set for the larger group.

Deluxe Set

 When weight and durability aren't the primary concern, this stylish mess set is a good option. If you are "Car Camping" and don't have far to go a few creature comforts are often appreciated.

This Upper Class Mess Kit will ensure that 4 people enjoy a more luxurious time in the great outdoors.

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Mess Kit Review

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