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Buy Bass Fishing Rods Online

Updated on July 30, 2009
Buy Bass Fishing Rods Online
Buy Bass Fishing Rods Online

Buy Bass Fishing Rods Online

Buy Bass Fishing Rods Online is here to provide you access to the largest selection of quality fishing rods and reels, fishing lures, and the best fishing tackle there is online at the best prices. Save on top brands of fishing poles, reels and fishing accessories. Bass fishing is an very inexpensive way to have alot of fun. Fishing for bass can be a bit frustating when your not catching anything, but the thrill you experience when you hook a large bass is second to none for anyone. Order your bass fishing rods from Buy Bass Fishing Rods Online today! Click Here for some very helpful tips on How To Catch Bass.

Buy Bass Fishing Rods Online
Buy Bass Fishing Rods Online
Buy Bass Fishing Lures Online
Buy Bass Fishing Lures Online

Tips on How to Buy a Bass Fishing Rod Online From Buy Bass Fishing Rods Online

* Choose the length of rod. Five to six foot rods are good for lighter fish such as crappie and perch. Shorter rods also work very well in brushy areas.

* Rods six and a half feet and longer are good for bigger bait, longer casting distance and tougher fish such as largemouth and smallmouth bass.

* Selecting a quality bass fishing rod can be both a daunting, and yet an enjoyable task. The first thing one must take into consideration is the reel you will use, and then what lures do you enjoy using. Once you have this information, you will need to consider sensitivity, strength, and of course, price. I always suggest that you take the reel you will be using with you when choosing a new rod. This way you can decide if the rod/reel combination is properly balanced and feels comfortable in your hands.

* Obviously, the first step is to decide on a bait casting or spinning rod. Then you should think about what type of lures you will be using, such as crank baits, spinner baits, jigs, plastics, or if you will be using a variety of lures. A general purpose rod can be found and often is a great solution with the current choices available, but this type of rod will never excel when you are fishing using a specific technique. If you are new to bass fishing, the general purpose rod is a good compromise, but if you've been bass fishing for a while and wish to explore other types of lures, give careful thought to your rod of choice.

*Generally, a rod to be use with hard baits, such as crank baits will require less sensitivity and a softer rod tip. The reason is there will be less pressure on the rod in achieving the hook set. If you decide to fish with lures such as jigs, or plastics such as senkos or worms, you will want a rod with a stiffer tip and greater sensitivity, as the hook set is quite abrupt and you will need to be aware when the fish is 'taking the bait', so to speak. You will also want to give consideration to the power and action of the rod. You might find a medium/medium heavy power rod with fast action to be suitable for your style of fishing. The power rating of the rod will give you information as to the stiffness of the rod, where the action of the rod describes the curvature, or bend of the rod as it loads prior to casting. The faster action a rod has, the more that rod will bend closer to the tip. The slower the action a rod has, the bend will be closer to the middle of the rod.

* Action categories:
Extra-Fast: Bend very near the top of the blank.
Fast: Bend in the upper 25-35%.
Moderate: Bend in/near the middle.
Slow: The bend is equalized throughout the entire length of the rod

* You will actually use more of the rod in casting with a slower action rating, but you must balance this with the lures you'll be using. You should not feel a need to purchase an expensive rod to begin with, nor should you buy the cheapest rod available. Look for a quality brand with an established history and a good warranty. Above all, take your time and ask questions about any rod in question.


Buy Bass Fishing Rods Online


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