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Buy Bike Rescue Tools

Updated on July 29, 2012

Buy Bike Rescue Tools, Bike Tools In A Small Package

Bike Tools Available

The bike rescue tools available come with everything but the bicycle shop and the bike stand. They are basically a bike multi tool. If you put one of these in your hydration pack or that little pack under your seat with the emergency twenty bucks for after ride brews, didn't think I knew about that did you, and you have a breakdown on the trail or the road you will be very happy to be carrying around the extra few ounces. Most of these tools come with a minimum of three up to twenty or more tools it just depends on what you want to carry. How much of weight penalty do you want to sacrifice for security of knowing you will be able to get back to the trailhead or your car at the end of the day.

Park Rescue Tool

Park Rescue Tool MTB 3

Park Tools

Park tools are about the best as far as bicycle tools go you see that blue handle and you know it's a quality product The Park Tool Rescue Tool MTB3 is one of those bike multi tools you will be glad to have when your bike is broken far from home. The list of tools it carries is impressive let's see.

8 sizes of hex wrench

3 sizes of box wrench

an open end wrench

phillips and flat screwdriver

3 sizes of spoke wrench

chain tool

2 tire levers and a pedal wrench a star driver a bottle opener and a serrated knife.

So, if that doesn't get you home nothing will.

ToPeak Mini 9 Bike Tool

The ToPeak Mini 9 Function Bicycle Mult Tool

ToPeak Mini 9 Function Bicycle Mult Tool As you can see this bike multi tool does a lot less. But for that you also carry a little less weight. Some people don't think that's important but if every gram counts then you don't won't to be carrying around 20 tools when 9 will do. Hopefully. This one has gotten me out of a few rough spots on different trails mostly with loose brake rotors and such.

what it has

Torx 25 bit

7 sizes of hexes

and a crosshead screwdriver

Crank Brothers Multi Tool

Crank Brothers Multi Tool 17

Crank Brother Multi Tool

Another company in the industry that just keeps putting out fantastic products. Crank brothers has in this bike multi tool a classic that has saved many rides and holds a place in many cyclists packs. The thing with this  multi tool is it just works when you need it too and you can practically rebuild your bike with it. Saying that though it does weigh a pound. Yes a pound.

What does it have?

A Chain tool

a Torx T25 tool

4 spoke wrenches

7 hex wrenches

an 8mm and 10 mm open wrench

and both a phillips and a flathead screwdriver

whichever of these bike multi tools you choose happy riding and whether you choose one of these bike multi tools  or something else available the question is, will it be before your ride breaks or after. Like for me I only bought a chain tool after I had to walk my bike a few miles and haven't broke one since but i've used it on a few other peoples bike.

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