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All-time Classic Putters, a Look Back at Some Great Golf Clubs

Updated on April 20, 2014

Top Picks for Classic Putters

Modern golf lays claim to technology. There is no doubt that the design and calculation power of modern 3D modeling software is far superior to the design tools of the 1960s through the1980s. That said, some of the best putters were still crafted out of this era. People still seek out and are willing to pay big bucks for some of the putters of days gone by.

It is interesting to think about technology and its impacts, but just as interesting are the stories of players of the era prior to the current golf technology revolution. Players like Sam Snead, Arnold Palmer, and Jack Nicklaus regularly posted -7 rounds.

Al Geiberger shot his famous 59 in 1977, a feat not repeated until 1991 by Chip Beck. In 1991 David Duval became the third player to shoot a 59. Now, since 2010, 3 players have accomplished this monumental feat, Paul Goydos, Stuart Appleby, and most recently Jim Furyk.

Consider also the driving distances of the greats like Sam Snead, who could drive the ball 320 yards using 1930s technology. There is one story where Sam Snead as a young player actually carved his own hickory club and drove the ball over 300 yards with this hand made club.

Perhaps it is the stories of the phenomenal capabilities of these players from the 1930s to 1980s, or the records that still stand. Whatever it is, the draw for these older clubs is strong. Feeling the American-made craftsmanship from these by-gone days is an incredible thing.

The following putters made significant impacts on the game and were played by the games best. These clubs are becoming collectible due to their impacts on the game.

  1. Scotty Cameron Santa Fe
    This a classic early design that helped launch Scotty Cameron. The putter has great balance. The sole is slightly rounded. The putter weight is on the lower side compared to the rest in this group. The putter utilizes a single white alignment mark.

  2. Ram Wizard Sportsman 600
    This is the George Low classic that Jack Nicklaus used in his early career. The putter is on the heavier side compared to the rest in this group. The putter sets up nice. The top line is smooth with no alignment marks, a design I prefer. The heel shafted design is a classic design that was used heavily in the 60s.

  3. Ping 1-A original "Ping" sound putter
    This putter makes a distinctive "Ping" sound which gave the company the name. Karsten's early design helped launch one of golf's major contenders. The club is very lightweight. The hollowed out center helps align to the ball.

  4. Spalding TPM Series
    TP Mills designed a classic series of superbly crafted milled putters. The putters were heavily produced so there are a lot of great deals on this line on sites such as eBay. This is a great entry level high-end design putter.

  5. John Byron Dalehead
    John Byron created several hand crafted tour quality putters in the 90s. The putters never made mainstream. However several tour pros used them. I prefer the tour version which has a smooth top line and no alignment mark. The weight of this putter is on the heavier side.

  6. Ping Anser
    This is an all-time classic that created a revolution. The late 60s models are starting to get expensive but the Anser was made for so long that there are several versions that can be purchased for a low price. If you do find a late 60s model going for a low price, buy it. This is an all-time classic.

Classics Never Fade

These putters are some of the best designed all-time greats that have won lots of tournaments. What picks do you have for all-time greats?

Classic Putter Comparison

Scotty Cameron
Santa Fe
Dale Head
Wizard 600 Sportsman
Heel Shafted Flange
Hollowed out blade
TP Mills TPM Series
John Byron
Tour Series
Dale Head
Dale Head

Titleist Cameron Santa Fe

RAM Wizard Sportsman 600

Karsten PING 1-A


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