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Buy Skechers Fitness Tone Ups and Sandals

Updated on January 29, 2013

Skechers Women's Tone Ups-Electric Slide Sandal

Make no mistake about it. These tone up shoes are the hottest thing going on right now in the athletic foot ware industry. There was just a huge and very interesting article in the USA Today sports page that told all about the new "toning" shoes and debates among various experts as to whether or not they were a good thing or not. I guess there will always be "haters" for things but the people that have these shoes already are overwhelmingly very positive about the benefits that one receives from wearing them. Check out these cool sandals tone ups at right. If you decide to click through to Amazon from this page you can rest assured that all normal purchasing rules, payment safety, shipping and anything else will all still apply with Amazon. I'll just make a small commission on your purchase if you click through from here for the going through the trouble and effort to write this article for you. You WILL NOT pay any extra money for doing so.

Tone Ups Workout Shoes

Above are some great shoes available at Amazon. Skechers Tone Ups seem to be very popular these days. Quite a few of my readers have made there purchases right here through this HubPages article. There's no special codes or anything else required for you to make a purchase here. If you click on any of the above shoes that you may want to purchase, the sale will take place through Amazon as any other sale would. I will make a small percentage off your purchase for going to the trouble and work to make this article for you. That seems like a fair deal.

Tone Ups for Men too?

This tone up shoe market is currently 90% female so in an effort to bring more men into the idea of wearing tone ups, Skechers has hired on former star quarterback Joe Montana as a spokesperson in a new advertising campaign. You may have already seen some of these commercials on TV. I have found one on You Tube and included it below for you to watch if you'd like. I think this is a good move by Skechers to convince men to wear these and to really boost sales for their company. The shoes for men are called Shape-Ups. Maybe that sounds tougher I guess.

Get in shape without setting foot in a gym

That's the advertising slogan that Skechers came up with for these shoes. It sure sounds appealing to folks that don't want to go to all the effort to go to a gym to work out. The idea behind the tone up shoes is to try to make it seem like you are walking on the beach. This is to try to get the wearer to work harder while they are walking. Since there is more effort to required to walk in the shoes they can effectively work out muscles that don't normally get worked when you walk in regular sneakers. Companies like Reebok have also gotten onto the bandwagon to try to cash in on these shoes. I have featured some of their shoes to the above right. I hope that if you want to buy a pair of these shoes that you would buy it from here. I also hope that the shoes will help you get toned up like you want to be. Good luck!

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