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Buy Stretch Surfboards Online

Updated on July 11, 2011

Stretch surfboards are a company out of California that make high performance EPS surfboards for all ages and most skill levels.  The biggest thing about Stretch surfboards, and what makes them so appealing, is not because they are some of the fastest boards on the planet, but are extremley unique.  You can, if you so desire, get a full customized Stretch surfboard. 

How did stretch surfboards get it's name?  The owner, and the lead designer, William Stretch founded the company.  The best part about this company though?  Attention to detail.  The owner, William Stretch, will put his hand on every surfboard to not just make sure it looks good, but, more importantly, feels good. 

But you probably already knew all that.  I mean - that's why you're here.  You want to buy a Stretch surfboard online; not only that but you want to buy one of the best Stretch surfboards; or you want to find cheap stretch surfboards for sale.  Either way you're here for one reason, and one reason only:

To buy a Stretch surfboard.


Stretch Surfboards For Sale

The thing about Stretch surfboards, and the purpose the company exists, is to bring fully customizable boards of whatever you want. Hand designed, and manufactured with extreme detail, stretch surfboards can, in the simplest words, be whatever you want them to be.

Alright - that sounds all good. But what if you don't know what you want. What if you want a good surfboard, but aren't really that experienced, and don't know what good is? Luckily I have an answer for you.

When you don't know what you want, but still want the high quality boards that Stretch Surfboards make, you get the next best thing: a board designed by one of the best surfers on the planet.

Surftech Stretch Fletcher Surfboard

One of the best designed Stretch surfboards for sale is the Fletcher designed surfboard. Nathan Fletcher, one of the best surfers on the planet, designed this board to go fast, turn even faster, and, well, look even faster. It has the perfect blend of style, speed and control.

One of the biggest things Stretch surfboards boast is that they make strong boards - they are made with a Tuflite core - that are also light and flexible. This means that when you make those sharp turns, the torque that you feel gets bent into the board - but not like a wet noodle would react. Moreover it takes the turn, the force, stabilizes, and then turns it over to your own control. Talk about precision.

Another thing that is featured in most Stretch surfboards and, more specifically in this Surftech Fletcher board are 'love' handles. These are specific to Stretch boards and are very unique; they are, quite honestly, just fun to hang on to.

Fletcher Stretch F-4 Shortboard

Another surfboard - another Stretch surfboard for sale - designed again by Nathan Fletcher is the F-4 surfboard. This is another high quality, world-class, board that is great for both intermediate and advanced boarders.

It features a dark blue colors that is both simple and concise. In the middle of the board, just below the nose, is an arrow design: almost like it's saying, 'I'm fast, follow me'. Because this board is very, very fast.

Built with balance and speed this Stretch surfboard is perfect for lifts and tricks. Easily pull off a quick aerial (something that's very hard to do) like it's nothing.

With FCS fins that are durable and responsive, this is one of the best boards on the market.


More Stretch Surfing Gear For Sale

Stretch doesn't just make quality surfboards but also makes surfboard additions, accessories and other gear that will further your surfing experience. 

One of the bestselling stretch gear for sale are Stretch fin sets.  All Stretch fin sets are designed by the owner Stretch Riedel, and are perfect for almost any board.  The fins are built based on theories of Sailboat sails; this, right here, shows you how dedicated Stretch is, as well as how innovative.  

The fins will give you increased speed and control.  They are an excellent idea to buy for any beginner looking to take the next step without having to buy a brand new board. 


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