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Buy The Hitchfork, Bike Hitch Storage Stand

Updated on May 9, 2013

The Hitchfork

Sugarmount Hitchfork Hitch Bike Storage Stand

The Best Garage Bike Rack

     The Hitchfork by Sugarmount is the best garage bike rack I have seen to date. Trust me I have looked high and low. From the pulley thing you hook to the ceiling to the metal wheel hangar this Hitchfork by Sugarmount beats them all. Let me tell you why it's simply a rack that you place your current hitch mount bike rack made by Thule or Yakima into and put your bike into it as you would normally. If you don't currently have a hitch mount bike rack and don't use one you could buy one on Craigslist and now you have a pretty nice garage rack system with this Hitchfork. 

Get That Bike Rack Off The Floor

After you get the Hitchfork hitch mount bike rack you no longer have to store your bike rack on the garage floor when you are not using it like I and so many other people have done for years now it has a place to call home. Let's face it you spent good money on it you may as well use it to do it's intended job rack your bike. Now if you are that guy or girl with 10 or so bikes you have other problems but if you only have one or two this could be the rack for you.

Garage Bike Rack

Now for me this is the best garage bike rack but I could see this working in a condo or an apartment or student housing or a teenagers room wherever because you don't have to cut any holes in the wall and it doesn't take up a lot of space. This will make the landlords and the parents happy. This rack runs about a little less than 100 dollars on sale.

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