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Reggie Bush Miami Dolphins

Updated on September 4, 2013

Reggie Bush


Reggie Bush 2 Good Years in Miami

Reggie Bush is not sure whether or not he will return to the Miami Dolphins next year because his two year contract is up. Bush performed well for the young Dolphins and rushed for over 900 yards this past season. Bush also became a leader in the locker room that younger players were able to look up to. Bush said recently that he still feels like there is some unfinished business left for him to accomplish in Miami and would like to be back next year. It would seem to be like a good move for the Dolphins for them to resign Bush and keep their leading rusher, team leader and really only super star player on a team that needs a little star power. The Dolphins have the money to spend and Bush seems like he is still a good fit for this team.

Buy Reggie Bush Gear

If you are looking to buy a Reggie Bush jersey then you've come to the right place. Reggie Bush played running back for the New Orleans Saints during their Super Bowl season and was a Heisman Trophy winner at the University of Southern California. Reggie Bush is an exciting and dynamic player and an important part of the Miami Dolphin offense. He seemed to thrive as more of the main back in Miami and put up some of his best numbers so far in the NFL. Bush is known as a speed and cutting type runner as well as being a danger to break a long one for a touchdown in the punt return game, There a number of options for you if you want to buy a Reggie Bush jersey here, You may like the one featured above right. All normal purchasing rules and procedures will apply should you click through to Amazon from here. This Reggie Bush Dolphins jersey from Rebook features the team name silk screened on both the shoulders and upper chest. This Reggie Bush jersey is officially licensed by the NFL and features a torso section made of cool poly mesh for those hot summer days. You'll be ready for game day with friends or be stylish around town with this great looking jersey for a super star player.

Reggie Bush Stuff Available on ebay

If you are looking for Reggie Bush baseball cards or any other souvenirs or apparel, then try clicking on through to ebay on the right hand side here. I'm sure there will be just about anything you would be looking for including plenty of football cards and jerseys for sale. Most of these jerseys are officially licensed by the NFL and of the same durable construction as you could get at any sporting goods store.

Happier times together for Reggie and Kim.
Happier times together for Reggie and Kim.

Reggie and Kim

Reggie has always been a high profile player while at USC, the Saints and now for the Dolphins. He had got a lot of attention in part for his hot girl friend Kim Kardashian. She's popular for her reality TV shows with her sisters and her various endorsements. Her step dad is actually Bruce Jenner. Anyway, Reggie and Kim are no longer together but who knows, that could change again for all we know. She was with him at the Super Bowl and it looked like everything was just fine at that time. I'm not sure who Reggie Bush is dating now but I guess she'll be really hot.

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