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Buy a Snowboard Leash Online

Updated on July 15, 2011

Snowboard Leashes

They don't help your technique and they won't make you a better boarder. You need a leash because, if for no other reason, most resorts won't let you ride without one.

Many boarders are reluctant to get a leash because busting out of both bindings is much rarer than it is with skis. Ski resorts take a hard line on untethered boards due to liability from the risk of injury - however unlikely - caused by an runaway snowboard.


Coiled Snowboard Leash

Snowboard Leash Features

It is said that form follows function. As a result, snowboard leashes are pretty simple devices. Connecting you to the board does not require rocket science, a sensible attachment at either end, and not getting in the way is all that is required.

Leashes come in two basic styles. Coiled and uncoiled.

Snowboard leashes with coils have a shock absorbing effect and keep the leash tidy and free from catching on anything. They tend to be more expensive than straight leashes.

Attachments vary from a cord that is looped through bindings to metal snap-links.

Straight Snowboard Leash

Straight Snowboard Leashes

 Straight snowboard leashes need to be much shorter to prevent them from becoming entangled. They are the simple, cheap option and can be picked up for a couple of dollars.

Look for one that is sturdy but quick to unclip so you can get out of your bindings and free from your snowboard without a hassle.

Coiled Snowboard Leash

 If you are the kind of boarder who goes hard and frequently busts out of bindings, a coiled leash is the best choice. The coil allows extra length, ensuring you fall independently of the board and it does not forcefully rotate your leg.

It will stay out of the way and this model also comes with a lock.

Traditional Snowboard Leash

 A heavy metal clip makes sure you won't break free.

This straight leash will keep out of the way and is quick and easy to get out of when you need to. This style of leash remains the most popular choice by boarders around the world.

Cheap Snowboard Leash

This one is about as cheap as they come. you don't get "added features" for less than $5 but it will keep the resort authorities happy and let you get on with it.

A short, simple straight leash.

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