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Buying Headgear for Your Youth Wrestling Team

Updated on September 6, 2013

Youth Wrestlers

Headgear that is designed for all ages can often be too large and uncomfortable for wrestlers between the ages of 8-12.
Headgear that is designed for all ages can often be too large and uncomfortable for wrestlers between the ages of 8-12.

Introduction to the Needs of Youth Wrestlers

Wrestlers between the ages of 8 and 14 have unique needs with their headgear that older wrestlers do not have. Unfortunately, most headgear manufacturers do not make their headgear with these needs in mind, even though they claim their headgear will fit youth wrestlers.

The biggest headgear related need for youth wrestlers is slippage resistance. Headgear can easily slip on youth wrestlers if it is too large or not properly fitted. Most headgear is designed to fit the head of a 18 to 22 year old wrestler, and can be too large for younger wrestlers. Choosing the right headgear does depend solely on size, but how well it can be adjusted to fit all size heads.

The other main concern for youth wrestlers is comfort. Because headgear is designed for wrestlers of all ages, it can be too large for youth wrestlers. Size and the ability to be adjusted are the main factors that contribute to the the comfort of wrestling ear guards.

Wrestling headgear is designed to prevent cauliflower ears, but if it is not comfortable or properly fitting, wrestlers may wear it improperly. This can lead to to discomfort around and on the ears. This can be distracting and even lead to purchasing new sets of headgear that end up having the same problems.

Cliff Keen Youth Tornado
Cliff Keen Youth Tornado

Headgear Designed Specifically For Youth Wrestlers

There are a few products on the market specifically designed for youth wrestlers, such as Cliff Keen's Youth Tornado. This type of headgear is a pretty good option for youth wrestlers, but it is not the absolute best option for young wrestlers. Most people find this headgear comfortable, but the biggest problem is quality. Most wrestlers find this headgear to last just one or two seasons at most. And, because it cannot be adjusted to fit older wrestlers, new headgear must be bought as the athletes grow.

While it may seem best to go with a youth sized headgear, many athletes will find that they outgrow it too quickly. There is headgear that will fit youth wrestlers properly, and will last as the athlete grows.

Custom Headgear
Custom Headgear | Source

The Best Headgear for Youth Wrestlers

The best headgear for youth wrestlers is headgear that fits properly, is comfortable and can be worn throughout the whole athletic career. While there are many 4 out of 5 star headgear, there is only one that gets 5 out of 5. Custom wrestling headgear by Danmar Warrior is the best headgear available for youth wrestlers. Not only is this headgear easily adjustable to fit young athletes, it also fits older athletes. Unlike most wrestling gear, it is made in the USA and is the highest quality. This headgear will easily last 5 or more years.

Why Danmar's Custom Headgear Tops the List

While there are a few headgear that top the list of top headgear, Danmar's custom headgear stands out from the rest. There are many types and brands of headgear that will fit well, but only one is fully customizable with the ability to add your own logo or design. The logos are permanently sealed on and will never fade or peel.

This headgear is one of the most expensive options, but you really get what you pay for. This headgear will outlast others by 3 or 4 times. If you are buying headgear for a middle school team and want the headgear to last multiple seasons and athletes, this is the headgear for you. This headgear can have your logo added, and will fit any athlete well.

This headgear is also good for youth clubs and even high school teams. It is not good for those on a budget. The retail price for one is right around $60, but Danmar does offer team pricing. If your youth wrestler is just experimenting with the sport, or if you are not interested in having custom headgear, the Cliff Keen Youth Tornado is the next best option.

Pros and Cons of Cliff Keen's Youth Tornado

While Cliff Keen's Youth Tornado is a favorite among many young wrestlers, there are some main pros and cons associated with it. Here is a list of the good and bad:


  • Cost effective
  • Color choice
  • Fits snugly and will not slip


  • Quality issues - will not last more than a season or two at most
  • Shape of ear guards make it hard to escape from headlocks
  • Cannot be adjusted to fit wrestlers as they age
  • Can restrict ability to hear

Overall, the Youth Tornado is a better than average product and most wrestlers are very happy with it. It is the second best choice next to Danmar's custom wrestling headgear.


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