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Buying and setting up your first skateboard

Updated on April 18, 2016

Where To Go and What To Buy

Skateboarding is a huge part of my life. You can say it is my life. I do other things, of course. But you can call skateboarding for me love, or my passion, or whatever word you like. But today i'm going to explain the process of buying and putting together a skateboard.

The first thing your probably thinking about is where to go, to purchase this skateboard. I'm a local business supporter, so my recommendation is to find your nearest skate shop and purchase from them. There I'm sure the staff will have a pretty good knowledge of skateboards. Depending on if your a beginner or not, they will help you will your selection of the items you need to put a skateboard together. Here are the keys items you need for you board:

  • Deck: This is the wood. This is what you stand and ride on. They range in size. From big to small. Roughly, I say they go between 50 and 70 dollars. It depends on the brand, size, and etc.
  • Grip Tape: This is the the paper that you put on top of the deck. It's like sand paper but not as rough. It's meant to keep you on your board for traction. Roughly, I say they go between 5 and 12 dollars. Again, everything depends on the brand, size, and etc.
  • Trucks: This is the item you mount on the bottom of the deck. This is the item that keeps your board and your wheels apart so you can move forward. The wheels go on the part which is called a "hanger". You need two trucks to complete a skateboard. One truck a piece cost between 20 and 25 dollars. So a pair will run you, 50 dollars. All depends.
  • Wheels: This is the item you put on the hanger of the trucks. This item allows you to ride over whatever terrain you are faced with. They range from 20 and 40 dollars, some wheels go for.
  • Bearings: This is the item you put inside of the wheels allowing it to move. Without these, you aren't going anywhere. These range from 15 to 35 dollars. Their are a pair of ceramic bearings that go for about 100 dollars. Those apparently don't rust.
  • Hardware: This is the item that keeps the board and trucks attached to each other. The cheapest item, you will purchase for your board. It cost roughly 5 bucks at most.

Anatomy of a skateboard

Anatomy | Source

Putting together your skateboard

Now that you have all your parts, it's time to put together your skateboard.

While at your local skate shop, you should have picked up a skate tool, or have a set of tools to put together the board (a socket wrench, or anything to screw all the bolts and nuts together).

If you are nervous, or confused about any of these, you can have them, help you set it up and take it from there. If they do, do it for you, pay attention to how they do it. Next time around you can help yourself and know exactly what your doing.

Now it doesn't matter what order you do this in.

The only really complicated thing here is applying the grip tape. Apply the grip tape to the deck, sand off and cut around the edges of the board (a razor blade is fine). Take the paper that was attached to the grip tape and apply pressure to the board so you can smooth it out on top. Poke holes in the spaces for the bolts for your trucks.

With your tool, you can put together your trucks, wheels, and bearings. This is self explanatory. If you have questions, look at the picture I have attached above for a reference.

Your Board


Go Have Some Fun

Now, if your board is all set up, hit the streets, parks, everywhere. Go have some fun and enjoy your new found love.


Here are some links to where you can buy products online, and some of my favorite products:



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