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Frisbee Golf - Courses, Discs, Basics

Updated on January 3, 2010

Frisbee Frenzy!

Both Frisbee Golf and Ultimate Frisbee are quickly becoming internationally acclaimed sports. There are Ultimate Frisbee leagues and tournaments popping up virtually everywhere. Frisbee Golf courses used to be few and far between, but this has changed drastically in the past decade.

Finding Frisbee Golf Courses

Frisbee Golf used to mean that you took an old Chuck E. Cheese Frisbee and tossed it at a stump or a light post. Although this was a fun pass-time, Frisbee Golf has rapidly evolved into a sport.

There are hundreds of professional Disc Golf courses and thousands of other courses across the United States. Below are some very useful websites for finding courses near you:

One of the greatest parts about Frisbee Golf is that virtually all of them are free (as a matter of fact, I have never found one where there was a charge). It is wonderful to find that there are thousands of courses tucked into beautiful locations across the nation. These make for great rest-areas during road-trips. My brother and four others packed into a small car and as they drove from Minnesota to Oregon they played hundreds of holes of Frisbee Golf.

Buying the Right Discs

Frisbee Golf is extremely cheap. Golf courses are free and discs are quite cheap. A beginner Frisbee Golfer can get along with two or three discs. There are many different categories of discs, here are the three essentials:

Long-Range - This is meant for a long and straight drive. It has speed and power and can cover great distances, but it is difficult to control.

Mid-Range - As you approach the hole, you will no longer require a long-range shot, but the extra control that comes with a mid-range will be greatly appreciated.

Approach/Putt - This disc is shaped more like a standard Frisbee and is the equivalent to a golf putter. Don't limit this to putting only, though. An Approach/Putter can go impressive distances, with great control.

There are many different styles of each of these categories (even certain brands will have many types of Long-Range). Some differences in style are if the disc is easy to throw, the speed of the disc, the ability to throw in the wind, etc.

Along with many different categories and styles, one must choose between many competing brands.  The clear winner when it comes to Frisbee Golf discs is Innova. They sell a wide variety of discs for the beginner and the pro.

I recommend looking into Innova's 3-Disc Box Sets. Two of the more prominent sets are the 'DX' and the 'Champion':

Innova 3-Disc Box Set - DX - The DX set is a great set for the beginner. It includes a long-range, a mid-range and a put/approach (all of these well suited for beginners).

Innova 3-Disc Box Set - Champion - The Champion is for the more experienced (or ambitious) Disc Golfer. It also includes a long-range, mid range and a put/approach, but these are discs that fly at much higher speeds. This is the 'premium' set of discs.

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